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Friday, June 29, 2007


Yesterday SUCKED. I barely had any sleep and I had a poopy day at work. I was sad and tired and I spent the day obsessively and madly searching for something very important at the office that still hasn't shown up. I was ready to go to bed before supper but we barbecued some awesome moose sausage we got at Cindy's the other night when we visited. We had mixed rice and some raw veggies with dip to go with supper. Good stuff.

After supper I just wanted to sleep but the boys were not ready for bed in the least. I finally got Cooper down for the count and Carter wanted to sleep on the couch by his Dad so I left him there and went to bed. Cooper's teeth must be bothering him or something because he got up a few times. By three o'clock-ish, I gave him some Tylenol and settled him back down. I took him to bed and luckily he fell asleep. What a bed-hog that kid is! So it was a good thing I at least started sleeping earlier than usual or I'd have been toast today.

Today was a much better day at the office. I got a couple early birthday cards, and Seija took me out for lunch (Thanks again Seija for the lovely lunch and the even-lovelier birthday card!) The afternoon rocked too, since at coffee break there was cake for my birthday! Kim made a "tomato soup cake" with cream cheese icing and red sprinkles with little Canadian flags standing on top. And it was gooooooood.

After lunch I stopped at home to get Chris to bring me back to work so he could keep the Jeep and pick up the boys. After work I started walking toward the babysitter's house and met up with Chris and the boys on the way.

Mom and Dad popped by after supper and I finally managed to get a hold of Kendra. What a wonderful relief to talk to her. She sounded really good today and has already started treatment. Her energy level has gone up with a few blood transfusions that have improved her blood levels and she had surgery to insert a catheter in her chest to receive chemo treatments. I asked plenty of questions and understand what is happening now. And I continue to pray for her.

Shortly after I talked to Kendra I decided to check in on Angie. We've barely touched base this week via a couple brief emails and blog comments so I called her up. First I talked to Mark for a few minutes and then he passed me over to Angie. She sounds great too! Now all she has to do is get that laptop in gear and start scrapping! (hint hint! heehee)

After talking on the phone to Angie for just over a half an hour, I was chatting with Jill on Hello about how much I'd been on the phone. She said she has free long distance to Mexico and Canada so I typed in my phone number. I glanced over at Chris and said "I think the phone is gonna ring!" And it did, and it was Jill! That was pretty hilarious. The boys were being little monkeys so it was hard to have a normal conversation, but it was so very cool that she called.

I suddenly remembered we were completely out of milk so I took Carter on a little date with me to Wal-Mart. I picked up milk and shampoo and toothpaste and I came so close to buying him one of those cool 3-wheel scooters. We played with the cool toys in the toy department and picked up some water shoes for him. We went to the video store and I rented a couple movies and we came home.

We started watching "The Ant Bully" then Seija and Ian called to ask Chris to rescue them. They were 25 miles from here and had locked their vehicle with both their dogs and their keys and Seija's purse with the other keys in it. (Sounds like something *I* would have done!!!) They asked Chris to go to their house to get the spare vehicle keys and they'd meet on the road in their friend's vehicle to pick them up.

This is where it gets humorous. Chris got in the garage no problem but really didn't want to break a window or anything to get in the house. It seemed like it was taking him forever and I tried phoning a few times but their place is kind of in an in-between cell phone service area! I finally reached him and said that I had talked to Seija and she said to just go ahead and break a window. It was pretty funny because he was all nervous and paranoid that someone would see him trying to break into the house and every time a car would drive by he was thinking police! He actually made it in without breaking any glass and retrieved the keys. They met up half way and Chris came home. Whew!

By the time Chris came home we were already watching "The Ant Bully" for the second time and Carter had fallen asleep beside me. Cooper had zonked out shortly after Chris left. We put the kids to bed and put on the movie "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg. What an awesome movie! I was working on making new stuff in Photoshop but I actually could barely pay any attention to the computer because the movie was really good! Excellent action, no-nonsense kick-ass movie. Loved it. A definite must-see unless you hate awesome action movies...or violence. Plenty of shooting, hence the title.

Now it's quarter to two. Chris just went to bed awhile ago...he has to work in the morning but just for half a day then our vacation begins. And he's going fishing. I forgot he mentioned that part.

So, I haven't gotten any new scrapbook pages done but I made this really cool metal-edged alpha that I'll be posting here as a freebie soon. Totally inspired by Jill by the way! Here is a little preview. And I'm going to turn off my alarm clock, go to sleep and hope that the boys feel like sleeping in!

Oh...just one more thing...I was checking my email for the 293746293578th time before bed and I found a sweet cute birthday e-card from Helen...very cyuuuute! Thanks Helen! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Hey you! Happy Birthday when it comes your way *clearing throat - ahem....*

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Melannnnyyyyy, happy birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day.....lots of pressies, lots of getting spoiled, lots of cake! Have a good one Up and Over, ((((hugs)))) to you my friend!

Let's hope you get lots of sleep!

BTW....shall remember to call on Chris whenever keys get locked in LOL

Saturday, June 30, 2007 5:34:00 p.m.  

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