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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sweepin' the Clouds Away

We are enjoying some sunny days. Yesterday was a beauty. We actually got our butts in gear and took the boys to the park in the morning. I delivered a couple projects and we had a fun time at the park. Carter wasn't very 'photo-generous' but I got a couple cute pictures of Cooper playing in the water.
Chris did some more painting outside. He freshened up all the trim around the windows of the house and garage and the front doorstep and the cement below the siding.

Kelly called and we made an impromptu Bingo date. Mom was up for it too so Kelly picked me up and we met up with Mom. Kelly won fifty bucks so it was nice to get a little return on our investment!

I came home and Cooper was asleep on the living room floor all curled up in a little ball with his bum in the air. Carter was still up so we cuddled up and watched his movie until we both fell asleep!

I got up and put both kids in bed and went to bed. I can't remember what time it was but Cooper woke up crying and wouldn't settle on his own so I went and got him and brought him to bed. I was awakened with not-so-gentle smacks in the face and a tug-o-war with my hair. Obviously it was time to get up!

Chris had been up for some time and had already done a run to Tim Hortons's so there was a FVC waiting for me that had already cooled to the perfect drinking temperature. Sweeeeeet. The boys had some bagels and we've just been hanging out so far this morning. I decided to try to cut Cooper's hair. I started out just trimming the longer wispy pieces and ended up just using the clippers and trimming it even all over. His hair is very fine and thin near the front so I tried to leave a little there but I got a bit overzealous with the clippers. It turned out pretty cute anyway...he looks older.

Carter was my next (unwilling) customer. I buzzed him with the clippers too. I'll try to take some pictures today of the new 'do on each of them. It looks like another beautiful day so I'm going to go get ready to go somewhere!


Blogger Angie said...

You are a braver woman that I would ever be. I haven't gotten near either of my kids with scissors.

You are, again, my hero!!!

Can't wait to see pics of those boys. I have new pics of Edison and Caroline to put on my blog!

see ya. . .

Thursday, July 05, 2007 1:38:00 p.m.  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

YEY for summery weather...and yey for clippers...can you come and do Hughie please!

Thursday, July 05, 2007 4:40:00 p.m.  

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