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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Laundry by the Truckload

Well, by the Jeepload...

I can't believe it's been since Wednesday since I blogged, aside from my revealing post about my lack of leg-shaving. Oy. Well, it was pretty funny.

Friday night we watched "Deathproof". Well, I watched more of it than Chris did, though I missed a bit in the middle. That Quentin Tarantino is one twisted dude. But I usually find most of his stuff wildly entertaining.

Saturday Chris worked until noon. Chris played outside with the boys for awhile and I got a little cleaning done. I vacuumed, cleaned up the kitchen, swished and swiped the bathroom and did a couple loads of laundry but the piles of blankets and towels were quite daunting. Chris opted for pizza for supper even though I actually had the foresight for once to take some chicken out of the freezer. We had more of the unstoppable toppable pizza; it was good as usual but I think I'm done with my craving for it for awhile.

Cooper didn't seem to want to sleep last night so it was a very unrestful one. First of all I stayed up late because I had a French vanilla cappuccino. We were going to watch the movie Fracture but we ended up watching other shows and wrangling boys who were up way past their bedtimes. Oh wait. There is no such thing as bedtime around here. Right.

By the time I finally went to sleep Cooper was ready to rant. The ONLY way to settle him is to bring him to our bed. Does he have us figured out or what! He could be sleeping soundly snoring and I try to carry him to his bed and he goes into mass hysterics when I start to lower him into it. I pick him back up and he starts to calm down. I head for my room and set him on my favourite mushy pillow and he's silent as a lamb. I'll be ready to fight this battle as soon as I decide I don't need any sleep at all. Not anytime soon.

Chris got up with the boys this morning and I desperately tried to get a few more winks. I must have slept more than what seemed like five minutes and despite the lack of sleep I had a great day today. I really needed to wash all the blankets and towels. Carter's bed is wet almost every morning so if I don't stay on top of the laundry it gets out of control. And smelly. Oy.

So we all got ready and headed for the laundromat. Chris stayed in the Jeep with the boys while I went in and loaded up five washing machines. We left for the grocery store. The boys were thrilled to both get to ride in the truck cart...

I used Vicky Stegall's Oops frame and had to frankenstein two pictures together since in one of them Carter was quickly darting his head to the side and the picture looked like he had no eyes. Oh joy. We managed to fill the cart without any escapes...just a couple brief lectures on noise pollution. By the time we finished shopping the washing was done at the laundromat so I went in and loaded up three dryers and we went home to put away the groceries. There's at least enough food in the house to last an entire week now, including snacks for Carter at school and eighteen dollars' worth of milk. Both boys had fallen asleep on the way home so Chris and I put them on the couches; we slipped off their shoes but didn't want to wake them so they slept in their jackets.

I went back to the laundromat and started folding the towels and blankets. There were still a few damp ones that I chucked back in the dryer that were done by the time I was done folding. I had two of those huge clear lawn and garden bags full of fresh, clean towels and blankets. And tonight I had more foresight...this time to get Carter to go pee before bed. We'll see if he wakes up in a dry bed in the morning.

I came home and both boys were still asleep. Score! I managed to squeeze in a much-needed nap, though I could have skipped it since I was still feeling fine. I had a couple more loads of laundry on the go. Clothes and a couple bigger items I didn't want to waste space in the laundromat machines with. Auntie Lurdes stopped by to pick up a couple pictures she wanted me to print. I had just woken up from my nap so I edited the pictures and we took them to Shopper's Drug Mart and had them printed there. Despite waiting for someone else's order to finish, it was still faster and cheaper than printing them at home and they turned out great. Auntie Lurdes brought over a bundle of goodies too...some freshly canned salmon, two loaves of zucchini or maybe banana? bread and a big jar of pickles. Mmmm. Good stuff. Chris looooooooved the salmon the last time. I had made salmon salad sandwiches and he said they were the best. Ever. Now I can make them again.

For supper we had homemade chicken fingers and stuffing and rice and corn. The boys had a few snacks in the afternoon so they barely ate anything but Chris and I enjoyed it. After supper it was a joint effort to clean up the kitchen. One of the things we still needed was dishwasher soap, which I had refused to purchase at the grocery store. So by saving a few bucks by going to Wal-Mart to buy it, I ended up spending another hundred and twenty bucks. ::sigh:: Chris needed socks and undies. Cooper needed pull-ups. And I grabbed a few more grocery items that would have been up to twice the price at the grocery store.

I came home with enough time to put everything away and watch Desperate Housewives, which was hilarious, amid loud distracting outbursts from Carter and Cooper. Now it's a few hours later and both boys are still up, thanks to the power nap this afternoon. I sure hope Cooper sleeps through the night tonight. It's half past eleven and I'm going to try to start watching that movie (Fracture). I give myself about a half hour before I realize I'm toast and I need to go to sleep. Oh but not before I share a couple layouts I did this weekend. I don't have them up in any galleries yet; I'll have to do that tomorrow.

Cooper's cranky face...titled If Looks Could Kill
Credits: Christy Sturm's Delights of Autumn kit at Butternug Squash Designs.

LaWanna Desjardin's Moonlit Magic kit at Scrapbook-Bytes


Blogger Angie said...

This is so hilarious! I loved every word of it!!!

I hope to get on the computer tonight. . I miss talking to you!!!


Monday, October 22, 2007 9:56:00 a.m.  

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