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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Moose

First off, a big Happy Birthday to my friend Marsha!

Saturday was Dad's birthday...Mom and Dad were on their way back from Winnipeg so I invited them for supper. Mom had a doctor appointment (finally) and we now definitely know she has Sarcoidosis. I need to read more about it again; it's been awhile since this was the possible diagnosis so I can't properly describe it. Anyway, there isn't a special magical cure for it, which sucks. But the doctor really wants to put her on Prednizone. Which sucks. Aside from the instant twenty- to forty-pound weight gain, there are other drawbacks and side-effects to the drug. So unfortunately the suffering Mom is currently dealing with seems to be the lesser of two evils at the moment, as long as her blood counts stay stable and her crazy-big spleen doesn't do anything bad.

We had a lovely dinner. Chris's Dad came over too. I made salmon fillets with lemon-dill spices and butter, 'gourmet' baby potatoes and asparagus, with of course, hollandaise sauce. I found a smallish checkerboard cake for dessert. The cake was checkerboard white and chocolate all the way through, including the icing. Cute. I looked for candles and the first two I found were a '2' and a '3'. I figured it was just perfect since Dad just turned 69...I was going to make him blow out the candles three times to get to the total. haha.

Sunday I started getting things ready for my trip to Thunder Bay with Kelly. I had to make sure everything was ready and set out for Chris to take care of and dress and feed the boys in my absence. I got most of my stuff ready too.

On Monday I did a bunch of running around during my lunch hour. I had a full hour since it was a no-school day for Carter. Kelly and I both got off work a bit early and we skipped town. We arrived in Thunder Bay by about nine, and we went straight to Scott's house (Kelly's son). He was so kind to pick us up a bottle of Baja Rosa, our current drink of choice. We had a glass of that and headed to the CASINO! I've been to a couple casinos but we'd never gone to one together yet. We had a blast. Of course, I'm the biggest loser when it comes to slot machines. If only I would have cashed out when I was kicking ass. Twenty bucks lasted me well over an hour and at one point I was up to two hundred and fifty. Yikes. It was toast fairly quickly after that. Bummer. But we had fun.

I had an awesome sleep and only a minute after I woke up Kelly was summoning me. We got ready and headed out shopping before her doctor appointment. We went to the Superstore, Wal-Mart, Michael's (OMG if I were a paper scrapper...though you don't need to be to appreciate how awesome a store this is!) After Kelly's appointment we went to bring some stuff to her nephew and had lunch with two of her nieces and her great-niece. We ate at Kelsey's and I had an awesome Caesar salad and a linguini dish with cajun chicken and alfredo sauce with some finely chopped veggies. Yum.

After lunch we did a little more shopping then it was time to skip town. But not before stopping at Starbucks. I had an AWESOME latté. A bigass (venti) vanilla latté. I added about a dozen teaspoons of sugar (I didn't measure but I dumped piles of sugar into the massive cup). I had been feeling tired but after we hit the road I got a second wind from the awesome coffee. We had an excellent trip home, without seeing a single sign of wildlife. How sweet of all those critters to stay off the road and out of sight, especially since most of our trip was in darkness.

Upon arriving home, I was greeted with a big hug from Carter and mild interest from Cooper. I asked Carter where he thought I had been, and he said Bingo. Too funny. Obviously the concept of time is something that will come later. Imagine being gone to Bingo for over twenty-four hours? Sounds like fun to me.

After the boys went to bed I finished up making the treat bags, complete with cute little bag toppers I made using LaWanna Desjardin's Moonlit Magic kit and a couple elements from Christy Sturm's Spooky McBoo kit. Here are the ones for Carter's class (with no chocolate bars since there are no peanuts allowed in the school); then I made another thirty-five without Carter's name on them. I'm hoping Mom and Dad will still come over to dish out candy for us at our house so we can take our boys trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood while getting to see all the kids dressed up.

I spent ages unnecessarily looking for all the Halloween costumes in the house. There were two specific ones I was looking for; the dog and monkey ones from Ikea that Carter wore when he was about Cooper's age. I tried to take back the skeleton costume I bought for Carter since although it fits him (perfectly), he won't be able to wear anything underneath it, plus, if he has to pee it could be an issue to get it off him in time. So I dug out all the other costumes I could find, plus a bunch of decorations that Chris had misplaced in various locations while trying to put away all our Halloween stuff last year. So after all that searching for the dog and monkey costumes, I took one last look (I had sort of looked there already) in my bedroom closet and found them. Right where I first started looking. Of course.

So I think I'm officially ready for Halloween now. I hope I drag my butt out of bed early enough to dress and costume the boys. It's bound to be a fun day!

And as a final note, a big shout-out to my friend Marsha to say Happy Birthday...hope it has been a great day for you!

Here's an update of our countdown to seeing Michael Bublé!
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Happy Halloween Up and Over

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