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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Leisurely Lunch

Yesterday I went out for lunch with Kelly and Sabrina. We got our lunch started a little later than usual so I put in a call to plead with Chris to take Carter to school. He begrudgingly agreed and I was able to eat a more leisurely lunch as a result. Sweeeeet.

Later in the afternoon Carter's teacher called me to say he had a bad... I was terrified she was going to say "Fall" or "Accident" but she just said he had a bad day. He wasn't listening to instructions and wrecked a couple things he wasn't supposed to. With the help of our babysitter, I'm starting to take note that when he has chocolate milk or possibly red juice something comes undone and his behaviour goes a little awry. I'll be paying much closer attention to that stuff now.

Today was a really quick day at work. Donna is away until Monday and flu shot season has officially started. I got my flu shot today and I have a pretty yellow bandaid on my left arm to show for it. Now I have to work on getting Chris in for his and I still have to decide if I want the boys to get one.

Tonight after supper I called Kelly over to oversee the drafts of the wedding invitations I started for her niece. She said she was already in her pajamas and I said, so what? I put on my flannel jammies too and Kelly came over. We had a drink of Tequila Rose and I printed out all the samples for the wedding invitations. I sure hope Shelly likes them. I'm going to Thunder Bay with Kelly next week so we can bring them to her. I did another scrapbook layout tonight using Theresa Hernandez's Hip Halloween kit from NDISB. It's not just great for Halloween (see the cool Halloween elements below!) - it makes such a great fall kit too!

I didn't watch Earl or ER tonight. Carter and Cooper went to sleep at a decent hour but now it's getting late for me so I'm outta here. Aaaaaaaaaand...tomorrow is FRIDAY! Woohoo!

Here's our little countdown to Bublé!
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Blogger Angie said...

Very fun post. Love that layout!!

And, your little countdown counter is great!!!

We went out for dinner last night. . .no kids. What an exciting change of pace. That's why I was non-existent. Hopefully, that will change tonight.

Friday, October 26, 2007 9:39:00 a.m.  

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