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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Candy for breakfast. I think I'm in for some trouble with these kids today! I'm not sure how we went from Easter being all about Jesus to adding bunnies and candy. Perhaps it has something to do with trying to bribe and occupy kids on a four-day weekend. Well that part works too.

Update on Mom: Mom is still in the hospital but her pain is more manageable lately. Her blood counts aren't optimal, but they are stable, and the CT results have been read by a team of doctors who are apparently preparing to assess Mom this week to remove her spleen. So it will be a roller coaster week but I'm praying this will give Mom some much-needed relief and restore her vigor and zest!

It's been a quiet weekend. Thursday night the four of us went shopping at Wal-Mart. I don't even recall what we came home with but of course we passed the requisite hundred-dollar mark.

Good Friday was...good. It seems like a long time ago, though. We had a quiet day at home. Chris had to work half a day on Saturday then he played outside with Carter for awhile when Cooper was napping. When Carter came in, Cooper went out and I got ready to go shopping. Carter fell asleep. Cooper came in with Chris and I left. I picked up groceries for Easter dinner (no, I won't be and I've never cooked - a turkey.) With Mom still in the hospital and most of the extended family away, Easter will be puny. Chris's Dad and Grandpa and my Dad will be coming over. The menu will consist of chicken breasts, stuffing, asparagus and hollandaise sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy. Cheesecake for dessert.

Each day I've taken turns bring each of the boys to the hospital with me to visit Mom. But they have been getting a bit too rowdy, so last night I went by myself. I brought Mom a few crossword puzzles and some little Easter treats.

The Easter Bunny showed up and set up quite the little egg scramble around here. There were 24 plastic eggs with jelly beans inside them, malted milk eggs with candy coating ALL OVER THE PLACE, the Easter buckets we picked up for the boys were filled with games and toys and candy, and a dozen Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs that were placed up high where Chris could find them. Although he's going to be finding them for a few more days since he hasn't found all of them yet! I even found a few packages of the Reese Peanut Butter Eggs (my favourite!) That Easter Bunny knows us well. :)

Chris has gone fishing for the day today. I ought to be taking the boys to church, but it seems a daunting task since Mom and Dad won't be there; they usually helps bribe and wrangle the boys during mass. So it will be a (hopefully) quiet day of reflection at home today.

I actually did some scrapping this weekend. Carter had the most bizarre snot bubble the other day and it amused me to the point of running for the camera. (Go ahead, insert your sigh of disdain here; I thought it was hilarious!) I used a few kits by Miss Mint. Click HERE for full credits or on the image to enlarge it. For the space layout, I used a picture of Cooper from last year when he was goofing around with the bucket from the Mr. Potato Head toy. I used LaWanna Desjardin's Astronomical kit from Scrapbook-Bytes and the metal-rimmed alpha I made. Click HERE for full credits or on the image to enlarge it.

Well, that's a wrap as far as Easter Sunday morning...Easter blessings to all!

Edited to add: I totally forgot to post these pictures...Carter and I put together the Easter crown the other day. I made another one for Cooper but sadly nobody is wearing them! Which is possibly a good thing; this way they won't be instantly destroyed!

The products and idea are from Miss Mint's blog and store.


Blogger Angie said...

Too cute, my friend!! I hope you have had a wonderful Easter weekend. We're going to be home this week. Mark and Edison are going to AZ to visit his mom. I'm taking (most of) the week off. Caroline has no school or Mother's Day Out -- so we're going to work on potty training.

yeah. . .pray for me.

Sunday, March 23, 2008 10:30:00 p.m.  

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