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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Strange Yet Delicious Concoction

Today I felt like we were in a snowglobe. It's still snowing. I lazed in bed a little to long to make it to church today. My hair really needed a wash and a dye job so I did both and didn't make it to church.

Chris did a very welcomed coffee run with Cooper. We hung out watching movies most of the day. Cooper went outside to shovel a few times. That kid is a rugged outdoorsman at age seven.

A few days ago when I made chicken for supper, I had cut up a couple extra chicken breasts and kept them in the fridge intending to make soup or something. Well, it was something alright. And it was delicious! I browned the chicken cubes in a bit of spices, cooked some egg noodles, threw it all in together with diced tomatoes and peas in an alfredo-ish sauce. Cooper loved it. Carter didn't. It's almost all gone. Cooper requested it for leftovers tomorrow. Weird. Chris asked me if I remember how to make it again. Very strange mixture, but it was good!

Tonight is Walking Dead night. But whenever it comes on, Chris falls asleep. I never really got into it. It's no Dexter by any means. Chris got into it a couple months ago and started from season one and watched straight through to catch up to the current season when it started. I have it recording on the new PVR.

Cooper fell asleep and Carter just zonked too. I'm currently downloading a movie on my phone to watch on the TV when this show is over, but I might as well start it as soon as the download is done. I'm going to watch Couples Retreat. I rented it on iTunes.

Dad stopped by to give Chris his birthday card. I've seen Mom and Dad a number of times since Chris's birthday, but Chris was always working or fishing during the visits. Chris was treated to a Tim Horton's card with the dollar value of his thirty-nine years on Earth. He did a second coffee run after supper, so I'll probably be up late watching movies again.

Tomorrow is date night with the girls. Kelly bought four of us girls tickets to see Shawn Desman and Anjulie tomorrow night. We're meeting up for supper first then the concert. I must say I'm looking forward to it! I'll try to take pictures tomorrow evening.

Speaking of Dexter, it's a long few months until season eight starts. A couple weeks ago I wrote this little ditty as kind of a tribute. It's really not a Christmas song, but it was a good fit.

And one last thing. I was tagged on Pinterest by my friend Deanna - she saw something like this and said I should make some. The best part is I already did a few months ago. This is for you Deanna! :) I've seen a few different wordings on this but I watered it down a little :)


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