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Monday, February 18, 2013

An Entertaining Evening

I picked up the three girls (Kelly, Yvette & Carmelle) and we set off to have supper out before the Shawn Desman/Anjulie concert. We intended to go the Best Western restaurant, but we were not expecting it to be closed for Family Day. We left and found a nice quiet alternative and had a great dinner.

Next stop was the concert. It was great and loud enough to feel it. Anjulie had two female backup dancers and quickly sang an album's worth of songs. She's cute and lively and entertaining. There was no band. Just her DJ taking care of the music.

There was a bit of a break and Yvette and I walked to the lobby hoping for a beverage but there was no beverage service. Even with the younger crowd they could have made a killing selling pop. I was so thirsty! All there was was a drinking fountain. I couldn't drink enough water. Here is a picture our friend snapped of us. I tried taking more of our whole group but with the narrow seating rows, it was hard to do. Hopefully one of the other girls has one.
Shawn Desman was next and also put on an energetic show. He had two male backup dancers, two guitarists and a drummer. Again the sound filled the room and the entertaining music and dancing made everyone move. After the show we navigated the still very snowy streets and I dropped all the girls off at home. I stopped for a quick (vanilla...YUM!) Coke at McDonald's on the way home and downed it quickly. Everyone at home was already asleep when I got in. I had texted a few pictures and videos from the concert to Chris and the boys were impressed with what I was seeing.

Well, that's the last of the weekend; back to the grind tomorrow.


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