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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Already Lost a Day

I briefly thought about blogging last night. There was a terrible fire that destroyed a local business yesterday. That was on my mind the whole day. Plus the internet is boring me a little. One week down, five to go. I hate that I'm even thinking of counting the time before I get to have the interaction on Facebook. I did enjoy a quick FaceTime visit with Mom and Dad. Mom is getting pretty swift with that iPad of hers! :)

I've been watching more TV, cuddling with the kids more, but managing to put off the housework as much as always. This weekend I'm going to have the girls over, so I'll need to do some serious tidying on Saturday.

I was asked to make some tickets for a benefit social the other day. I was happy to have a project, even if it's one I'm donating. I've hardly had any print projects to work on. Of course as soon as I agree to do one, I get asked for two more. So I will have a busy week if I can get my creative juices flowing.

Today was a busy one. I did a mail merge of 200 letters, which I do many of, and quite enjoy. What made it even more enjoyable was the new letter folder we have at the office. That thing is pretty darned slick! After that the day paled in comparison, but I made it through.

Tonight is Judo night. It's Chris's turn to take them (I still do the other day.) However, Chris is busily trying to get some ice off the roof. The amount of snow and ice we have this winter (including the extra foot of snow we got on the weekend) is insane. I dropped them off and am enjoying a few peaceful moments before I pick up the adrenaline-filled children. Hopefully they will have had a good workout and just want to relax when they get home.


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