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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Cheque is in the Mail

Well, no cheques, but my Christmas cards are officially in the mail! I figure with three more days until the mail won't move again until next week, probably about a third of the recipients of the cards will get them before Christmas. I sent seventeen to the U.S, thirty-five to Canada and kept about another twenty-five to hand-deliver. Whew. There was no Christmas letter enclosed; I was lucky to get them mailed at all!

So because of my late night last night, and my early morning today, I'm getting kind of groggy so I'm going to post this and go crash.

Today Kelly was going to watch the boys for me so I could go to Kathy's farewell lunch. Turned out Chris showed up around ten-thirty since it wasn't busy at the shop today so he took a floater. So Kelly came with me to the lunch and then we went shopping for a bit after. I didn't buy a lot of Christmas presents, but I shopped around and got some great ideas. I'm hoping to get it all done Friday night if the hordes of people doing the same thing don't trample me.

I came home and Chris was a little unimpressed that I didn't return as scheduled after lunch. Oopsie. I sure hope that doesn't mean that I'm grounded so that we can go to Bingo tomorrow night! heehee

Chris went to the shop after work hours; one of the guys got a new truck so he went to help him install some gadgets and accessories. He returned home bearing food from McDonald's. I had fed the boys already but they seemed to welcome fries and nuggets. I had a little feed of them too.

Since it's almost Christmas, there are NO new programs on, so I couldn't care less what's on TV. We mostly watch Treehouse anyway, and there have been some cute Christmas specials on here and there too. I spent the evening chatting with Angie and I made her a Christmas card to get printed. I sure hope it turns out. It was nice to chat again; we don't get to do that often enough with life being so busy and all! We talked on the phone last night after we called to wish Mark a Happy Birthday. Talked for fifty-one minutes. Good thing we do most of our talking online or I'd have to get a second job to cover our phone conversations! haha

So that's about it for tonight. Cooper gets his 12-month immunizations tomorrow, as well as a checkup at the doctor. I'll be hauling two boys into the clinic so I hope the wait isn't excruciating. And I sure hope I can make it to Bingo tomorrow night. There's a twenty-thousand-dollar pot calling my name.

Oh by the way I got an email from the eBay seller - they say that eBay automatically generates the dispute console if a payment hasn't been made in thirteen days after a purchase. Well, it WAS twelve days, but anyhoo they say all is well and as soon as they get my money order, they'll process me. Whew!


Blogger Angie said...


Hope the dr. appointment went well. We're home. Kids are officially off for two weeks.


Great blog..............

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 2:19:00 p.m.  

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