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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sometimes I Just Plain Forget

I'm seldom away from the computer for long. There's no reason for me to NOT blog. I just totally forget sometimes.

On Friday morning, I got myself and the boys dressed and ready to go to Wal-Mart for Cooper's 12-month portraits. I put on their gorgeous new matching outfits and headed over to pick up Kelly. She was coming along to help wrangle the kids. Thank God.

We arrived and had to wait for our appointment. Carter wanted to hop right in there, but I had to get Cooper's picture taken first according to Wal-Mart Portrait Studio Rules. Hmph. In order to choose a portrait, you have to get a picture taken that you like, and once you accept it, that's your portrait package. So if you can one picture, you're risking not getting a better one. But we did okay, although Cooper has a new crinkly-nose smile he's been using for pictures lately.

So once we had a good shot of Cooper, we tried to get Carter in there again. Oy vay. In the one picture where we got Carter to smile and sit oh-so-nicely, Cooper was making the crinkly smile again. Then we got one of Cooper when we tried to put the Santa hat on his head. Kelly would drop the hat on his head and quickly jump out of the frame. Cooper would make a silly face and grab the hat. It made for a cyuuuuute picture. Then when we were about done, we got a gorgeous shot of Carter wearing a Santa hat. All in all, it went well, but I couldn't have done it without Kelly there.

We shopped a little then went to Tim Horton's for the requisite green tea for Kelly and my French Vanilla Cappucino. We stopped back at Wal-Mart since my one-hour photos were done. I finally made my photo Christmas cards and took them there for printing. I was fairly pleased with how they turned out. Now I just have to get them mailed out. Wish me luck getting that done before Christmas! Next stop was to pick up some fresh cranberries for Kelly to string with popcorn for her Christmas tree. I saw it today. She strung FIFTY feet of the stuff and it looks beautiful on her tree. Smells good too. I almost had a nibble.

Yesterday, Chris worked 'til noon. He went out for awhile with Greg to attempt some Christmas shopping, but it was close to the time we were going to Cindy's place. We were to pick up pizzas and come early for their Christmas party. We arrived with four pizzas and had a great visit. The rest of the party-goers started to arrive awhile later and it was a nice evening. I finally got the boys to zonk out pretty much in time to get ready to go home.

This morning I didn't go to church as per usual lately. What a bad little Catholic girl am I. This afternoon I needed to go out to buy milk and soy milk. I ended up attempting a little Christmas shopping. I bought Chris's main gift and now I'm done shopping for him. I found a couple little stocking-stuffers for the boys and some hard-to-find Toffifay chocolates Kelly had been looking for. I did a drive-by for her to deliver the chocolates and the green tea from Timmy's and stopped in for a visit. Then I realized I needed to do something about supper. Instead of copping out and getting fast food, I went grocery shopping.

I came home and we had fish sticks and seasoned curly fries and mixed veggies for supper. Nothing fancy but the kids ate it up. Cooper and Carter are still dealing with their colds. Cooper HATES having his nose wiped sixteen thousand times a day. Carter just loves taking medicine. He went through a phase of hating it but now he'd probably do shooters of cough medicine all day if we'd let him.

Both of them went to sleep at a reasonable hour and I made this scrapbook page of the two of them in their little matching outfits. I took this picture just before we left for Wal-Mart the other day. A brief shining moment of the two of them smiling AND holding hands. Oozing sweetness, even if just for a second. I used Christy Sturm's Velvet Christmas kit and I used Atomic Cupcake's gold action on the phrase, heart and the frames.
I think I'm going to head for bed 'cause I gotta work in the morning! My last workday for the year. heehee. (Angie, no slacker comments! haha)

By the way, I must finally mention that Cooper has really mastered walking this past couple weeks! He walks everywhere. No more crawling. He still plunks down on his bum when he loses his balance, but he's really getting steady on his feet. It still seems funny to see him just stand up and go. Really awesome.


Blogger Angie said...

I would never *coughSLACKERcough* make any comments about your *coughEASYcough* work schedule.

I'm so happy for you. . this layout is wonderful.

Monday, December 18, 2006 1:41:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy I am way behind, crazy Christmas days hey! I have still been sneaking a peek though don't you worry :) This LO of your boys is GORGEOUS! Love Helen

Monday, December 18, 2006 2:13:00 p.m.  

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