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Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm Back, Baby!

Well, today was the day. My first day back at work. I barely slept last night, and was awakened by Cooper around five this morning. Ugh. I managed to get him back to sleep but it was only minutes away from Chris's alarm clock going off. So I was not ready to get up yet by the time he went to work. I asked him to phone me at seven. He did. I was already up. I might have napped for about fifteen minutes after Cooper's early morning visit.

I got myself almost completely ready before Carter got up. Mom arrived to babysit just before eight. She was fixing Carter a bagel for breakfast when Cooper made his next appearance. I had all their clothes laid out and got myself dressed and ready to go out the door. Talk about easy. Didn't have to dress them in snowsuits and lug them to the babysitter. It was like I pressed the "EASY" button like in the TV commercials.

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So I headed off to go to Tim Horton's for the obligatory French Vanilla Cappucino. But I had absolutely no cash and they don't take Interac there, so I did a super quick ATM stop then headed to Tim's. Surprisingly the drive-thru lineup was a short one. Yay me! I picked up an extra one for Kathy, the girl who did my maternity leave. She'll still be covering my job this month, and we'll work together on the days I work, to "retrain" me! There are a few changes I need to learn so it will be nice to work with her. Bummer she'll be gone when I go back full-time.

So work swam by this morning. Sixteen thousand calls for flu shots. Kathy and I shared the desk and took turns getting everything done. At lunchtime I phoned home and Mom didn't need me for anything so I went downtown shopping. Nothing exciting; just envelopes for home and hand lotion for my desk at work. I grabbed a quick cheeseburger at DQ and a hyuuuuuuuge order of onion rings to munch on my way back to work. The onion rings were plentiful...I took them in to work to share and everyone munched on them throughout the afternoon.

The afternoon went well too, and the whole day went by quite quickly. In some ways it was like I never left; in other ways I felt a little displaced since I don't have my email back on yet and didn't do a whole bunch of computer work. All in all it was a great workday. And the greatness continued...

On my way home I tried to track down Auntie Lurdes to give her an invitation to Cooper's birthday. Chris called me when I was almost home. I guess he had called our house first then my cell to check on how my day went. And he threw in that Cooper is WALKING. Yes, walking, y'all. Mom had told him on the phone. I swear my Mom is magic. Leave my kid with her for ONE day and I come home to see him taking steps. I mean, to me he's not "officially" walking, but he wasn't taking steps without holding on to furniture before today!

So I came home and he was particularly lively, constantly trying to walk. And when I came in the living room, there was the plush chair I bought for his birthday and asked Chris to hide. Ummmm. What is THAT doing in here? I guess Carter found it downstairs when my darling Mom was down there doing my laundry. Yes, she's magic and she's an absolute ANGEL! Anyhoo, Carter seemed to have claimed the fuzzy new chair for his own and brought it and his old one to the living room. I explained it was Cooper's for his birthday. It was pretty funny. I'll probably have to convince Carter for a number of days that it's not HIS. Anyway, Cooper walking = way cool. And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere is a video!

Then, right after Dad picked Mom up, I got a call from one of the local florists asking if I'd be home to receive a! Chris came home and I asked if he sent me anything. He thought about it but didn't. So my next suspect was Kelly. The flowers arrived and much to my surprise, delight, amazement, glee, they were all the way from Tennessee!!! Angie sent me this beautiful floral arrangement to congratulate me on surviving my first day of work. Is that the sweeeeeeeeeeetest thing EVVVVVVVVVER?!? Thanks so much again Angie (oh and Mark too, since he says it was HIS idea...) Way to top off my awesome day!
I hadn't planned anything for supper besides intending to get takeout somewhere but I really didn't feel like going out or like eating fast food (AGAIN). So I found a container of leftover spaghetti sauce in the freezer and thawed it and warmed it up and whipped up a pot of spaghetti. Again with the easy button!
Carter had a little and Cooper napped while we ate then he finished the rest of Carter's plate. He ate more than Carter did, I'm certain. By the time I finished feeding Cooper and changing two back-to-back poopy diapers on him, Carter was asleep. He hadn't napped today so between that and a late supper, he was out by seven thirty. Yesterday I made these invitations to Cooper's birthday (this Wednesday...duh, about time I sent invitations!) I had a bunch printed at Wal-Mart yesterday, but with the short timeline I just emailed it to everyone and I'll give them a printed one if they wish!

So I had intended to go to bed right after watching "Heroes" at nine o'clock but obviously that didn't happen. I spent much of the evening slowly working on this blog entry - gee I blogged yesterday after five days and only one day later I have so much more to say! Now it's three minutes to midnight and I'm going to bed before I turn into a pumpkin.

Brief weather update - FREAKING cold. Dad started driving across the lake on the weekend. He's in charge of the ice road committee this year and has taken over the arrangements for plowing etc. Apparently there is at least nine inches all over the lake already, and it's been constantly cold so it's only getting thicker by the minute. Won't see me on it with the kids though...


Blogger Angie said...

Great entry, my friend.

Hey, I'll drive on your lake any day. . if you'll meet me in the middle.

I really am glad the first day back went so well. Just think, tomorrow will be even. . .oh, what? You don't go back for another week?


Tuesday, December 05, 2006 12:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great journal Melly....glad to hear all went smooothly! TFS!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 9:43:00 PM  
Blogger Matt Di Pasquale said...

Hi do you know if I could use the second image of the easy button commercially?
thanks! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010 4:02:00 PM  

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