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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What a Bunch of Sickos

Today we went to the babysitter for our first full-day trial-run. Both boys have a gnarly cough; Carter worse than Cooper. I dropped them off just past nine and set off on my busy day! I dropped off some gift certificates and brought some fresh rolls to Chris at work. One of the "other wives" was bringing fresh homemade cabbage rolls so Chris said he'd bring buns.

I did a drive-by for Kelly but she busted me just as I was trying to flee her driveway. We confirmed our lunch plans. I went downtown and bought a new shirt to wear out for lunch with Kelly and my Mom. I met up with Diane's hubby to pick up the Epicure orders that came in. I stopped in at home to freshen up and find my watch and jewelry I'd forgotten to put on in my hustle out the door with the boys. Good thing I did because much to my dismay I ran smack into Aunt Flo. No wonder I've been so darn tired and grouchy!

I picked up Kelly and we went for lunch. My Mom was having lunch with her girlfriends so we joined her group. We had a great lunch. After lunch I dropped off Kelly and went to my hairdresser appointment. It's been SEVEN months since I had a cut and colour. Wow. My hair was shoulder-length and was starting to bug me a bit. As for the colour I wasn't doing too badly since I colour my own hair between visits but I was looking forward to refreshing my highlights. Just over two hours later I was a new woman! My hair is smooth and shiny again. What a relief.

After getting my hair done, I wanted to squeeze in just a bit more "Me" time before picking up the boys. I did a drive-by for my Mom and delivered a couple of the Epicure orders. I picked up the boys who had a pretty good day despite having a cold. Mom had invited us for supper, but I didn't want to go home and get the boys all settled in then redress them to go to Mom & Dad's shortly after. So I stopped by Chris's work again and asked him to bring a couple things from home and meet us there. He could take his vehicle across the lake after he went home for a shower; I'd take the long way with the boys. Good plan.

We had an awesome supper. Roast chicken and potatoes with gravy and corn. Mom made some fresh white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies for dessert. We visited for awhile after supper then headed home.

Carter stayed up pretty late but he had napped twice for the babysitter, which was fine since he's a bit out of whack from having a cold and taking some cough medicine. Cooper was asleep when we got home and stayed that way. Aside from a few coughs I didn't hear from him again for the evening. I finished up another scrapbook layout I'd been working on, and now that Christy's new "Snowy" kit is released, I can post them...

This is Carter a couple Christmases ago when Chris's brother bought him a drum set. It was soooooo cute. Carter was sick that Christmas - with something resembling but not necessarily being Chicken Pox. I used Christy Sturm's new "Snowy" kit from Butternug Squash Designs. I love this new kit. I used the font Thanksgiving, it's a match of the snow-covered alpha included in the kit.

This next one is Carter that same Christmas. I removed a couple of the spots from his face. The picture was a bit blurry so I put a filter on it using Virtual Photographer and I liked the effect and how his little suit matched the kit. I used Christy Sturm's "Velvet Christmas" from Butternug Squash Designs for all the items and finished off the edges with the heavy ink action from Atomic Cupcake.Here is a layout of both my boys for their first Christmases. Carter's was in 2003 when he was 7.5 months old, and Cooper's was just last year when he was just under 3 weeks old. I used Christy Sturm's "Snowy" kit and used one of the papers to cover the Thanksgiving Font I used. The bows are from her "Elementary" kit. I made the ornaments by playing with the bevel/emboss features in Photoshop and drew the ornament hangers then used Atomic Cupcake's silver action to make 'em shiny.

Carter finally decided he wanted to go to sleep so I put him to bed coughing his little head off. I had picked up some cough medicine and eventually it kicked in and he went to sleep. Me too!


Blogger Angie said...

Hey girlie!!!

These are gorgeous layouts. I saw them over at BSD - and didnt' have a chance to login and comment.

I especially love the ornaments you made.

Thanks so much for calling last night, that was so special!!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006 10:38:00 a.m.  

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