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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pop Quiz: What's Sweeter Than French Vanilla Cappuccino?

Last night after my Wal-Mart run, I stopped in at Tim Horton's (first time in three weeks) pick up a box of green tea. They ran out. All I've been drinking for three weeks is Tim Horton's green tea or water. I've had only three French Vanilla Cappucinos since, and they were brought to me by someone else. I have not gone there. I decided as a quasi-resolution not to try to make time to go there in the morning, since I have enough to do with getting the boys ready and fed and to the babysitter on time, and myself to work on time. Also with the switch to green tea, I figured I was making some healthier choices. Blah-ditty-blah-blah-blah.

So this morning went off without a hitch; I got the boys to the sitter with about twelve minutes to spare, so I made a run for Tim Horton's to see if the green tea was restocked. Fortunately there was no lineup in the drive-thru and I got through quickly, only to find the green tea won't be in until tomorrow. Bastards. (lol) So I said screw it, and got myself an FVC and a bagel. I headed to work with maybe a minute to spare and broke my non-Tim's streak. And it was gooooooooooood. I had an awesome day and I attribute much of it to starting the day with my FVC. Sweet, sweet warmth. The bagel wasn't bad either.

At lunchtime I ran home to get the leftovers from Mom's house last night for Chris. I drove to his work to drop it off. He was gone out on a call, but I left it for him. I didn't have anything else to eat, so I went to McDonald's. I haven't been there in weeks either, and was going to get a little happy meal, but again I said screw it and got myself a Big Mac meal with a Coke, which I haven't had any of this year. When I go off the wagon, I go down hard. haha. I raced back to work and pigged out on my lunch.

After work I picked up the boys and came home. When Chris came home, I took off for the grocery store to find something for supper. The meatloaf from last night looked like some sort of archeological specimen when we got home last night so we chucked it. I picked up some fresh ground beef and some tortillas and some other stuff and came home to make a soft taco bake. Chris looooooooves that stuff. Carter and Cooper didn't eat much. Dad stopped by my office this afternoon to bring me some soup Mom made. I fed a bit to Cooper. I gave both the boys a bath and they splashed and frolicked until they were good'n'pruney. They smell so clean with their clean hair and jammies I could just cuddle them forever.

I watched Veronica Mars; the new episodes finally started again. Chris went out for coffee with Greg and he brought me ANOTHER FVC. Yum. Cooper just went to sleep a little while ago. Carter is still up and we started watching Little Miss Sunshine. Angie would probably like it 'cause Steve Carell is in it. I'll keep you posted if it's good.

You should see all the cool stuff we get for participating in the Amazing Digiscrapping Race. At some sites we get specific kits, and at others we get gift certificates for six, eight, or ten bucks. I've downloaded probably at least half a gigabyte of stuff already. Funnnnnnnn. No pics today; I'm caught up on my Race challenges, so I'm gonna try to work on a layout with Christy's new kit that comes out this week. Just a's a Valentine's kit.

And just awhile ago, I told Carter "I love you". He was sitting with Chris at the time, and Carter said, "I don't love you Mom". Chris told him that wasn't very nice, and to tell me he loves me. Then he said, "I love you Mommy. You're in my heart." Now THAT, my friends is sweeter than any French Vanilla Cappucino. BTW, I think he got that from my saying, "I love you with all my heart." Guess that's his interpretation, and me likes it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So when you are not talking about food you are thinking about it...I love it - hehehe! Tooo cccuutttee - what Carter said. Don't worry...when Hughie gets angry with me he draws a heart and puts a cross through it :( But tells me 1000 times more often how much he loves me :) Can't wait to see the Valentines kit :) Great to hear about your challenge...sounds like fun...where do you find the time?!@#

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 9:03:00 p.m.  

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