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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Days Are Getting Longer

Friday was a good'n'busy day at work. I finished a huge project I've been wanting to take on, and over a couple days I managed to type about thirty pages of text amid my other regular duties. I'd have thought my typing would get a little more accurate but my little bad habits and shortcuts are still there. Anyway, it made for a good day at the office.

Kelly and I had planned to go to Bingo last night, but at the last minute Chris called to tell me he had to go out on a service call and wouldn't be home for a couple hours. Nooooooo! He actually managed to get it done and get home in time for us to do a quick Tim Horton's run, a McDonald's run for Chris for supper, (I had already fed the boys supper) and we still made it to Bingo on time.

I actually won something...It was a hundred dollar game but there was another winner along with me. So Kelly and I got to share fifty bucks. Not as good a return on our investment as a couple weeks ago, but it was still fun. We were very close on many other games too.

Today was a quiet one. When Chris got home from work I was napping with the boys. They both got up and I tried to stay napping but that was futile. Mom and Dad stopped in and I did Mom's hair for her while Dad went out for his usual coffee run. Uncle Bob & Auntie Josie stopped in to see Mom. Cooper has had the runs a few times today and I had to give him a bath. After everyone left I put on my face and fixed my hair and took Carter shopping. First was Wal-Mart for most of it. I hate running out of all the toiletry items at the same time. Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towel, diapers, pull-ups, dish soap, shampoo, milk and bread and some frozen veggies and pizza pops. That was pretty much it for a hundred and thirty-four bucks.

Next was Safeway for a couple more food items and then home. I was too tired/lazy by the time we got home that the pork tenderloin I took out for supper got refrigerated and we had the pizza pops for supper. Cooper ate a whole one! Carter only nibbled on his. I'll cook the pork tomorrow. I'm hoping to get my butt in gear in the morning and go to church.

Chris is gone out to a social for his buddy's brother-in-law. I tried watching the rest of "Stranger Than Fiction". I liked it but I had many interruptions from the boys so I might just try watching it one more time, but not tonight. It's not even eleven and I'm almost falling asleep already. Good thing I rented it for the week and it doesn't have to go back 'til Tuesday.


Blogger Angie said...

The boys weren't the only ones interrupting you. . .heh heh.

"Pizza Pops?" Frozen pizza popsicles? I'm intrigued.

Your buddy in TN. . .

Sunday, March 18, 2007 5:20:00 p.m.  

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