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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year (Again...Second Post of the Year!)

After going to bed way too late last night, Cooper decided to get up and scream for awhile. I finally got him settled and got a few hours' sleep. The morning started out a little rocky for me but Chris woke me and told me we were invited to go sliding at Cindy's place...well, actually in the bush in the back forty at Cindy's place. They have a super-fast sliding hill (the same one Chris took the kids to yesterday) and a cabin to warm up in. Along with a big fire outside.

Total fun! Except silly me forgot my medicine and took a ride back home to get it so I wouldn't miss a dose or two. Because I'm feeling MUCH better and I don't want to mess up the course of antibiotics. Before I left I took a ride down the hill. I hurtled down at break-neck speed and the boots I had on kept hitting the ground in front of the sled and spraying snow in my face. Hilarious.

We went to Cindy's brother-and sister-in-law's house and there was a big gathering for supper. Mass quantities of food. We're full. Still. Here are some pictures from the fun day:

Carter coming back up the sliding hill...he made this trip all by himself. Many times!

Cooper was sitting on my lap (feeling a little icky) and I snapped
this very thoughtful-looking picture of him. Look at those eyes!

I got Cindy to take a picture of Coopy'n'Me. This is one of my new favourites.

Cindy & Coopy...he's starting to warm up (temperature- and temperament-wise) by this time.

A Winter Wonderland.
(Angie & Helen...this one's for you...what was YOUR temperature today?)

Cooper supervising the sliding hill. He looked like he wanted to go for a ride...

A beautiful, fiery sunset...

Carter about to hit warp-speed...

The Two Sisters
(Again...Angie and Helen...I bet you didn't have this many layers on today!!!)

Auntie Lurdes & Uncle Cliff - what a gorgeous couple!

I was hoping for a picture similar to the Coopy'n'Me picture with Carter,
but he pasted on the fake smile. Too cute! Another one of my new favourites!

So I persuaded Cooper (sort of) to take a slide down the hill with me. I loaded him onto the sno-saurus on my lap and we started to go. There is absolutely no controlling the destination on such a trip as this and I tried to dig my hands in to slow us down. Yeah right. We neared the bottom and kind of spun around and both spilled out. Poor baby wasn't too happy but once I dusted us both off he was fine and I carried him back up the hill. He perked up for the next while and we headed over for supper. After supper he kind of punked out again, and fell asleep cuddling with Auntie Cindy. A bunch of us played Spoons...a dangerous venture in our family - Cindy and I recall playing with my aunts years ago and it's likely we still have some scars from it. Especially since we used to use metal spoons. Today they were plastic. Very wise move.

We visited with everyone for a while longer then packed it in. The boys settled easily with a drink of warm milk when we got home and they both zonked watching Spiderman 3. I am feeling so much better. The kicked-in-the-jaw feeling has almost completely left me (Thank God) and I'm slowly returning to my former self. The me from almost six weeks ago before this rotten cold sunk its claws into me. I've always thought myself to be fairly pain tolerant, but constant, continuous pain becomes tiresome very quickly.

I'm off now to do a sudoku or three and hit the pillow. Chris works tomorrow, so it's just the boys and me; I'll need to put my game face on in order to avoid wanting to nap by ten o'clock in the morning...


Blogger Angie said...

Ooh, girl what fun.

For the record, it's 22 degrees here today. But, no snow.

I love the new look of the blog. You amaze me!

And the hand-drawn clock. . . the bomb!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008 10:44:00 a.m.  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Great pics girl. We are are snow boarding! Yikes!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008 9:03:00 p.m.  

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