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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nobody Likes The Waiting Game

I was under the impression that Mom's test information has been reviewed by the 'right' doctors and that she would be on her way to surgery this week. However, the information has been SENT to the right doctors, but being that it was Easter weekend, the right doctors were of course home, presumably eating turkey and chocolate like everyone else ought to be. The hematologist has received the information as well. So now we wait for Mr. Doctor to get, read and decide what he's going to do with the information. The last I spoke with Mom, her doctor was still trying to reach said doctor to get the ball rolling. Oy.

Yesterday was a pretty good day with the boys. I got them ready and took them to Wal-Mart, where I craftily avoided the toy department. I reiterated that since the Easter Bunny was just here over the weekend, that the kids didn't need another thing. I picked up some more spare jammies for Mom (oops I shrunk a pair intending to only put them in the dryer for the last couple minutes...forgetting that the timer on my dryer is shot and subsequently I cooked them a little too long. They're kind of like floods now but they're still okay). I picked up more socks and undies, and some new slippers too. Next stop was Tim Horton's to get a green tea for Mom (and oddly and quite surprisingly I didn't get myself a cappuccino!)

The boys were more reasonably behaved at the hospital, since I kind of corraled them into one corner of the room. They ate some of Mom's lunch and some of her fresh fruit, and we headed out to bring some lunch to Chris. Mom felt like having a muffin so I dashed back to Tim Horton's. While I was at it, I got Chris a sandwich from there. We brought Chris lunch and in the process Cooper fell asleep. I zipped back to the hospital and ran in with a muffin for Mom. By this time both kids were sound asleep. Pure bliss! I drove around a little then decided I could capitalize on the simultaneous naptime and came home. To my surprise and delight, they both stayed asleep once I brought them in and slipped their boots off. I dabbled on the computer a bit then decided I ought to take a nap too.

When Chris came home, he heated all the (awesome!) leftovers from our mini-Easter dinner. Everything was just as awesome as the day before, right down to the Hollandaise sauce. Yum. After supper Carter played on the computer for a while and Cooper snuggled for a bit. Though neither kid went to sleep until well after nine. I'm trying to institute an actual bedtime, not necessarily sleep time, but bed time/quiet time. Wish me luck. We put on the movie, "I Am Legend" and the kids kept peeping in from time to time so we kept pausing it 'cause of the scary creatures in it. All in all I ended up liking the movie; moreso than I expected from the little bit I'd heard about it. Later on, I did have a freaky dream related to the movie. That the mutated freaks were after my family...and for some reason I had quadruplets! Yikes! I'm not sure which part of that would be the scariest! haha

This morning I snoozed as long as possible and got our rears in gear and to the sitter then zipped up to the hospital to find out what is up. And now we're still playing the waiting game.


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