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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gordon and Little Gordon

Oh Crap I have plenty of catching up to do. Hopefully I can say much of it with pictures.

The kids did fairly well with the new pinch-sitter (the substitute babysitter). In fact, they were far better behaved for her than they are for me. Ever. ::sigh::

We went camping at Gordon Lake on the weekend. Auntie Lurdes and Uncle Cliff and Auntie Josie and Uncle Bob (and Frasier!) were there. The weather? AMAZING for Labour Day weekend. It was dang hot out. We had originally planned to just spend one night but Auntie Lurdes put the brakes on that plan. (Thanks again Auntie Lurdes!)

On Saturday for supper we had fresh trout. Yum! All I was 'allowed' to bring was coleslaw. Considering I only brought food for one supper, it was all I could come up with anyway! Next morning? Homemade BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!!! Seriously, not camping food at all. I mean, we were making bacon and eggs and Auntie Lurdes goes and spoils us with blueberry pancakes. It's madness, I tell you! Delicious madness.

Of course my children eat anything that comes out of her kitchen (much like I did when I was growing up too...i.e. cooked peas and carrots.)

So we had some fun down at the beach. Gordon Lake is a deep, clear (and very cold) lake. The beach is beautiful and it was packed. The whole place was packed. Mom and Dad even came out to visit on Sunday. They came out in the afternoon and stayed for supper. After supper we all headed down to Little Gordon which was FAR warmer than Gordon. Everyone kind of had a bath and it was hard to get the kids out of the lake. Even harder of course than it was to get them out of the cold one! We trekked back to our campsite and pajama'd the boys and Mom and Dad went home. We had a beautiful campfire and enjoyed gazing up at the stars. We took turns pointing out satellites and even Carter spotted a few. There was no moon out so it was plenty dark and easy to see the gazillions of stars. There were no northern lights to enjoy (though I actually saw some this evening).

Here are a few pictures from our weekend:

We came home on Monday morning. It was another beautiful day, but we spent much of it cleaning out the camper. I took anything perishable out of it, presuming we won't be doing any more camping this year. We had hamburgers for supper.

Let's see...what else have we done? Oh, (Amy) I finished watching Wanted. And I loved it. Great action flick. Don't go into this one expecting it to be believable...just enjoy the gritty violence and the fantastic visual effects! And it was the same actor from that Penelope movie we watched last week...just a totally different role!

Yesterday I had the day off with the kids since our sitter was still away. Oh My God they seem to be doing everything they can to outdo each other in the 'hurting each other and their Mom' department. I took then with me to my eyebrow wax appointment, then took them to Tim Horton's and to their fluoride varnish appointment. I helped out with a few things at the office while I was there. It's impossible to go to the office and not do something to help!

I took the kids to the grocery store to pick up some goldfish soup and goldfish crackers for lunch. By the time we got home Cooper was asleep. Carter went and filled himself up with the crackers. I made the soup anyway, and managed to get about one and a half spoonsful (or spoonfuls, whichever you prefer) into Carter and one little goldfish pasta into Cooper once he got up.

For supper I made a macaroni pasta casserole thingy...basically I just made some spaghetti sauce and stirred it in with some cooked macaroni. I did a Wal-Mart run for milk and a baby shower gift for Chris's cousin.

This morning Cooper didn't arrive in our room until five o'clock. I contained my annoyance, telling myself to just get him some milk and I'd buy myself at least another hour of sleep. It worked, and I almost overslept. I got up and ready and took the boys to the sitter for the first time in a week. She had a birthday over the weekend so I made her a card from the boys and put a clothing store gift card inside for her.

I came home after a quick Tim Horton's run and started working on a print project for a coworker. I had the eighties music cranked and I printed out a sample. I went to change my clothes to go deliver it and I heard a knock at the door. While I was NAKED. I hollered the ''just a minute'' phrase and threw on the first clothing I could find. It was the hydro guy, here to install our new 'smart meter'.

I finished printing before he cut off the power and got dressed and headed out. I met up with a few coworkers for coffee. I headed home again and put the music up again, and completely missed a call from Kelly. We decided to get together in the afternoon since I had some flower seeds to share with her.

I met up for lunch with Diane and Silvia. (Thanks again, Diane!) She was covering my desk today since I was off again, and treated me to a great lunch. I brought the leftovers to Chris and headed home. Kelly stopped by with a blueberry pie, which I didn't wait until later to try. We hung out and shared pictures and chatted until almost the time I needed to go get the boys. We did a quick Wal-Mart run so I could go get a gift bag and stuff for the baby shower tonight.

I picked up the kids from the sitter and came home. For supper I made homemade chicken fingers, sugar-snap peas, Caesar salad and baked potatoes. Delish! Chris's Dad and his lady friend stopped by for a visit then I had to go bounding out the door to make it to the shower on time. The shower...was lovely. The ADORABLE. (The pictures are on the other computer but just take my word for it!)

After the shower I came home and the boys were still up. I got my printer up and running again and went to cuddle Cooper to sleep. As usual, I got him all settled in and went back out to the living room, only to have him follow me about ten minutes later. Then he fell asleep on the floor by my feet. My sweet little puppy-boy.

Well, I'm sure I've missed or glossed-over a few details of the past number of days, but this wasn't bad for having so much to remember. Now I need to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. It's Carter's first day of school tomorrow!


Blogger 20Birds said...

i prmoise i read every post i missed ... so great to have you on my blog again, I have to have some fun since our other friend has stopped blogging *ahem*... i am rushing now to go pick up keys to our new house *YAY* but i wrote about you on my blog today...melany... thanks for being you!

Thursday, September 04, 2008 12:29:00 p.m.  

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