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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Have a Fever

Olympic fever, that is! For someone who is not interested in watching sports of any kind, I've sure been paying a lot of attention to the Olympics. And mostly it's been hockey. It sure gets the heart pumping! I shouted so loudly when Canada scored the other night, I scared Carter!

I've still been trying to get out walking as much as possible. I can go indoor walking Monday through Thursday and try to go each day. Last week I went three times and this week I've gone twice so far. Last night I walked with Cindy and my legs felt like lead weights. Today in comparison I felt like a gazelle, completing one lap in under three minutes (mostly running). I'm not seeing any physical changes since starting this unexpected regimen, but it does feel pretty good. And I don't wheeze (much) when I pick up the pace.

The weekend was pretty great. I had a short week last week. Before Christmas I had booked a hair appointment for Friday after work. When I received a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure and facial for Christmas, I decided to make it a spa day. In the morning I went for a manicure and a glorious facial.

Since I've been so tired lately, I had an important project that I had put off too long, and had to finish it right after my treatments. It was Cooper's first 100th day of school. I had intended to make him a t-shirt much like Carter's. Cooper requested 100 pictures of Bolt on a t-shirt. I had prepared the graphic, but nothing else. That morning before I took the boys to school, I printed out the pictures.

I came home from the spa just before lunch. I cut 100 of those little suckers (for some ridiculous reason I printed circular pictures; squares would have been much quicker). About a half an hour of cutting, I went looking for my 'pop-dots' but couldn't find any, realizing I'd likely used them all on Carter's shirt. I wasted about a half an hour hunting down pop dots at two dollar stores and finally Wal-Mart. I ran home and stuck all the dots on the pictures and mounted them to the shirt.

I bolted to the school to deliver it to Cooper. I got there about a half an hour after school started but I pulled it off and was glad. Cooper got all goofy when I brought him the shirt. I managed to get a picture before I skulked back out of the classroom.

Saturday afternoon we had a visit from one of Cooper's daycare teachers. He's working on his ECE course and he chose Cooper to study and arranged to observe him in his own environment. That took up most of our afternoon but the boys were both fairly well-behaved.

Saturday evening was designated as girls' night. A few of us went over to Carmelle's place. Serena and I both had new SingStar discs to try out. We had plenty of yummy appetizers and a few cocktails. I got home shortly after two in the morning!

Surprisingly, I was up first thing Sunday morning (well, not surprisingly since Cooper was my alarm clock again.) However the surprising part was that I stayed up and we had planned to go ice fishing with Cindy's family and Serena's family. I picked up the Jeep at Carmelle's and gassed it up and we got ready. We all arrived out on the lake at lunchtime. We spent a wonderful afternoon out on the lake. In hindsight (and as a result of a guilt-ridden email from my parents) we should have called Mom and Dad to come hang out with us. The weather was amazing and the kids all had a great time. Of course the grown-ups did too :)

It's been a fairly uneventful week. Aside from work I've only gone out to walk. Today I finished my ten laps in just over thirty-seven minutes, my best time yet. There was one lap I almost ran the whole time, and in under three minutes. Whenever I spy an empty hallway I start to run a little. Occasionally it feels good enough that I keep going. My feet aren't too bad today either. Hopefully I'll get to walk tomorrow evening with Cindy again.


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