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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shrek in the Jeep

Friday night we took the boys to the drive-in movie to see Shrek III. My parents went too and we parked beside them. Mom took Carter to the playground and I was surprised to see him go for a ride in the spinning teacup. He climbed around on all the playground equipment then she brought him back.

She took Cooper over too and he was checking things out. Before the show, we went up to the concession stand to get the drive-in-movie-necessities. Popcorn, drinks, candy, cotton candy, burgers and assorted deep-fried goodies like mozza sticks and shrimp and fries and hotdogs with cheese and bacon. Yep, we don't just go to watch the movie. We go for the grub!

The movie was cute and the boys were very well behaved. Carter went car-hopping to see Grandma & Grandpa a couple times. We came home and the boys crashed. We did too.

On Saturday Chris worked 'til noon. Chris played outside with Carter for awhile then I got my butt in gear finally so we could go to Dominic's baseball tournament. Of course the minute I opened the door to go outside it started pouring rain. Fortunately it didn't last and we went to enjoy his game. There were a few more showers but nothing too major. His team won and was followed by Jessica's game. But since Dominic's team won the semi-finals, they held the final game right away. It started to rain again and we were going back and forth between the two games. Then it started to really pour so we packed it in and left. The boys fell asleep in the Jeep so we drove around a little to make sure they'd be really asleep when we got home. We stopped at the grocery store to get some hotdogs for supper. God we eat hotdogs a lot!

After supper Chris and I watched the movie "Déjà -Vu" with Denzel Washington. I'm so glad we decided to watch had to go back to the video store by ten but it wasn't over until almost eleven. We'll see if they charge us extra next time. Probably. Anyhoo, the movie was EXCELLENT. We loved the way they tied up ALL the loose ends. It was very very clever. I'd have no problem watching it again; we both enjoyed it.

This morning Chris got up with Carter and let me stay in bed. Cooper stirred and cried a few times but he stayed asleep and so did I until almost ten o'clock! Woohoo! I dragged my butt out of bed. I finished up the birthday invitations I made for they are (with the information changed...) I asked her what kind of theme/decoration she wanted on them and she said a cow...I found this little cutie on Google Image Search.

Jessica went nuts for them and was very excited. I tried to find a cool cow print for the background on the envelopes but I couldn't find one I liked so I made one.

Chris and Carter played outside and once I got Cooper fed and dressed Chris took him outside too. I got ready and dressed and we packed up the boys and went to the Fort with Cindy and the kids. We had an awesome lunch and the boys ran around and played for quite awhile. Carter tried his hand at mini golf. What he lacks in technique he makes up for by having great fun and he actually did quite well!

On the way home both kids fell asleep. I was hoping with all my hope that they'd stay sleeping when we got home so I could nap too but that didn't go as planned. I started doing a little bit of tidying up since Christy is supposed to come visit tomorrow! The house is far from clean but at least my kitchen sink is shiny! heehee. We have no plans as of yet but I'm pretty certain things will start out with rib-crushing hugs and squealy voices that only the neighbourhood dogs will be able to hear!

Chris and I both didn't feel like having supper since the subs we had were hyuge. So we just fed the boys sandwiches and hung out for the evening. Cooper was a little fussy tonight and kept waking up. I eventually gave him some gripe water and he settled almost immediately. I stayed up way later than I planned to, but I'm ready to face the day tomorrow. I just hope I can drag my butt out of bed on time.


Blogger Vicky S. said...

OK I'm dying to know what this title refers too. LOL! Now your going to have to write about it. :heehee:

Sunday, June 10, 2007 1:58:00 a.m.  
Anonymous beth said...

TWo things: wasnt that movie great? WE loved it!!! and next I have to now give a cow birthday just to use that adorable idea... i cracked up...

Monday, June 11, 2007 6:47:00 a.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

Too much fun!

So, are you going to CALL me on my CELL phone when CHRISTY gets there? That way we can all talk at the same time. . . ???

I'll send an e-mail. Life is nuts.

Monday, June 11, 2007 11:48:00 a.m.  
Blogger Vicky S. said...

AHHHHH! I'm dying to know how the meeting goes!

Monday, June 11, 2007 11:49:00 a.m.  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Busy times....glad you liked that movie....Den and I wanted to watch that this weekend...will make sure to get it next time.

Monday, June 11, 2007 6:31:00 p.m.  

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