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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fever and Family Fishing Fun

Wow. There went another weekend. Carter still wasn't feeling well on Friday so I stayed home with him. It was ''crazy hair day'' at school so I did Cooper's hair in a coloured ''fauxhawk'' and took him to school. Carter had a fever clear through to Saturday. Saturday afternoon I had a lunch date with Leeanne. We had our usual East Indian buffet date (we looooooooooove the masala!)

On Saturday evening we went to Cindy and Bob's to celebrate his birthday. Cindy ordered a cake from Cheryl, the ARTIST I got Cooper's birthday cake from. The cake was an incredible replica of a walleye complete with seriously realistic fins, teeth and scales. Quite simply amazing. To make her cakes even more incredible, every detail is always edible. I'll have to get some pictures of it to post here. We had a great visit and brought the boys home. They were both sleeping by the time we got home. It was supposed to be girls' night but I didn't figure I was going to go since we had the family gathering.

I went over to say hi to the girls and ended up staying a few hours. As usual we had a blast. Chris had planned to go fishing on Sunday with his Dad so I didn't stay too late; had to make sure I felt like getting up with the boys in the morning!

I woke up a few times before Chris left but didn't fully awaken until Cooper got me up at twenty after eight. Not realizing the time, I asked Cooper if he wanted to go to church. He said yes. Then I looked at the clock and told him I didn't think we'd make it. He was so sad he wasn't going to get to go see Grandma and Grandpa at church that I leapt to my feet and got us all ready, including waffles for breakfast for both boys.

We made it to church on time, much to the surprise of (1) the priest and (2,3) my parents. The boys were pretty good there though of course they start to get fidgety toward the end. After church we met up with the aunts and uncles for breakfast. The boys ate breakfast again(!) and we had a good visit. Mom and Dad treated us to a lovely breakfast.

It was such an AMAZINGLY beautiful day that I asked the boys if they wanted to go visit Daddy at the ice shack. They didn't want to at first but I showed them on Google that we could take a special route to get there. We drove to a place where friends of my parents live and parked the Jeep. We were close enough to the ice shack to see it easily and walk to it without dying. I pulled the boys in the sleigh. They loved sliding down the bank. Eventually as we walked out to the shack one of the guys saw us and Chris walked to meet us, pleasantly surprised to see us. :)

I was ROASTING hot by the time I pulled the boys that far and had to peel off a few layers until I was just in my ski pants and t-shirt! We were just planning to have a short visit when I texted Serena to see what she and her gang were up to. She lives not far from where Chris parks his truck to drive the four-wheeler out to the shack. She and her hubby and boys all came over to the shack. I had also texted Dad and he came out with Uncle Cliff and they fished for awhile too. It was an amazing afternoon. There were many highlights including Cooper catching his first fish all by himself. Below is a slideshow with a few shots of our afternoon, including a really close fly-by from a helicopter.

When Dad arrived I had called Mom to tell her he arrived and she invited us for supper. Once we packed it all in, I drove home to get the boys some dry clothes. Their snow suits and boots were positively soaked. We headed for Mom and Dad's and Chris arrived shortly after. We had an awesome steak dinner. The boys were going ape by this time, presumably overtired from all the sunshine, fresh air and activity. We brought the little monkeys home and they finally wound down.

So far this week is a busy one. We finally have all the stuff we need to file our taxes so we'll be doing that this week. I'm happy to see the snow has been melting, even though it's leaving such an ugly mess all over the streets. I'm really looking forward to summer. Last night I rented Where the Wild Things Are. We didn't get very far into it before we ALL fell asleep. I managed to wake up but didn't continue watching it since I had missed at least a half an hour of it. I did a couple print projects and went to bed.

I went walking after work today again. I did my 5K in 36 minutes and felt really good after. I came home and cooked up some ''sachettini''. I thought it was tortellini when I bought it but it was little ''satchets'' of pasta with chicken and bacon inside. I made an alfredo sauce for it and had picked up my favourite salad kit too; it's called Pacifica and has an awesome mix of greens with a packet of soy nuts and sunflower seeds and a poppyseed vinaigrette dressing. Yum. We managed to watch the movie tonight then the boys zonked out. Now I can't believe it's already midnight. Here's that slideshow; enjoy! :)


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