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Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Tooth Fairy!

Wow it still blows my mind how a week can get away from me. Thursday evening I walked with Cindy and spent time working on projects and watching Olympics. I was looking forward to the figure skating and it was great.

Friday evening Cindy and family came over for a visit. I told Carter to show his loose tooth to his Uncle Bob, thinking Bob would talk him into just pulling it out. As soon as Carter even went to show him, he pulled it out! Uncle Bob gave Carter five bucks. Of course the tooth fairy came that night and gave him another five bucks. I told him all this won't be repeated every time he loses a tooth. (He has another loose one.) I promised we could go buy something with his tooth fairy money.
Saturday afternoon I headed out with the boys to Wal-Mart. First we had lunch in McDonald's. Carter was really tired by the time we went but both boys were so sweet and polite I thought we took a detour through the Twilight Zone. I mean, my kids have really good manners. I've drilled it into them. But the way they treat each other at home is atrocious. I was expecting their bickering to continue when we went out. But it didn't. They were delightful. After lunch we headed for the toy department. There was a massive bin of massive stuffed animals right at the beginning of the department. Cooper instantly wanted one and they were only ten bucks. (I remember wanting a big stuffed mouse when I was little and it was bloody expensive!) We took a turn down the Lego-ish aisle and Carter wanted a Ben-10 robot thing. Both boys had their toys chosen in under a minute. I had a couple other things to pick up then we were outta there. Sweet.

Sunday I had a Bingo date with Kelly and a couple girls from her office. The big pot was just over $52,000. Unfortunately we left it there. It still hasn't gone and is now projected to be about $55,000 by Sunday. Even though we didn't win it I half wished someone did by now so I'm not so tempted to keep going after it! When I got home Cooper was up and not feeling well. He had an awful cough and was very congested.

Monday morning Cooper still wasn't feeling well so Chris took Carter to school and I stayed home with Cooper. He had me up a few times in the night so I was tired too. I figured it would be a good, restful day. WRONG. Wow Cooper is fairly demanding on a regular basis but he was downright high maintenance. Oh and grouchy too. It was a rough day.

Tuesday was fine. A regular day. I felt kind of rough and never ended up going walking. Yesterday all of us went to the dentist for check-ups. The boys were amazing. The hygienists called in the boys first. If we were thinking we'd have gone one grown-up with one kid and take turns. We lucked out since the kids were soooooooooo good there. The first one asked who wanted to go first and Carter volunteered. Cooper was called in next. We were asking who should go in with him when I told him to just go. He went in all by himself (the hygienists are both cute, by the way). I peeked in just to watch for a second and they both did great. Carter needs to keep working on that wiggly tooth, since his two bottom front adult teeth are already well on their way in. They also told us he has molars erupting. Both boys are much more enthusiastic about tooth brushing now. After Chris and I had our turns (the boys were so patient and well-behaved in the waiting room...still loving that) I took the boys to school and headed for work. Kelly and I had lunch (Chinese Buffet...yum) with her friend Gwen. After work I came home to change and went for a walk right away. Chris picked up the boys. I came home and went to pick up Chris's Dad for dinner. We had a roasted chicken (no, I wasn't the roaster of said chicken) with baby potatoes and peaches'n'cream corn and salad.

Today was going well; it was nearly lunchtime already when I got a call from the school saying Carter wasn't feeling well and was having a bit of a meltdown because he couldn't blow his nose. Both kids can't stand being stuffed up. Last night I fell asleep early and woke up to find Carter was up. I thought it was five o'clock in the morning, thinking Carter was just up really early. Turns out I had left the microwave timer on set for five minutes to time a time-out for Cooper last night and never used it. I was so sleepy I had kept drifting off but when I looked at the clock again it was three-thirty. I'm not sure if Carter slept after that. When Chris got up this morning, there was Carter up and playing on the computer.

I picked him up at school and brought him home for the afternoon. I bundled him up with a nice fluffy duvet on the couch and we had salmon salad sandwiches for lunch. I told him he had to get some rest. We started watching Chicken Little and he fell asleep partway into it. I decided to attempt a nap too. That was awesome until the phone rang. I ignored it the first time but when it rang again I of course jumped to the conclusion that it could be an emergency so I dragged my sleepy head out of bed and was already getting a text. It was Chris. He was planning to go fishing after work.

I got him to pick up Cooper before he left for fishing, so I wouldn't have to take Carter out anywhere. Cooper wanted waffles for supper and Carter enjoyed his chicken noodle soup. I told him it would help with his sinuses and he was amazed and said it helped ''melt'' everything in his nose. Chris came home and both boys are still up but doing well. I hope everyone is feeling well enough to go to school tomorrow.


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