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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soggy Socks

Wow things are really melting around here; I didn't realize how much grass was actually showing until I came home from work today. The weather has been very springy. I'm fully expecting to see some more snow this month, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the bare streets and glimpses of grass.

Yesterday when I picked the kids up from school, Carter couldn't possibly wear his boots. Right there in the hallway of the school I picked up his boot and POURED water out of it. His socks were bunched up in a soggy little wad on top of the coat rack shelf. I actually carried him out to the Jeep. Cooper's were pretty wet too but he was able to wear them home. When we got home I went on a great quest in the basement for rubber boots. I found some for Carter but Cooper has outgrown his last pair. I had planned on picking him up some new ones this weekend.

I skipped my walk yesterday since Chris was going fishing after work at the ice shack. Carter wanted oatmeal for supper. I also made chicken noodle soup that Cooper was seemingly enthused about. I don't think he even touched it; he ended up having sandwiches. Chris was home early. We attempted to watch a movie, Old Dogs, but we both fell asleep. I woke up a few times throughout the night courtesy of Cooper. This morning I managed to screw up my alarm somehow and slept in just late enough to not have enough time to shower and wash my hair. Thankfully I salvaged it for one more day. I had plenty of time to get the boys washed up and ready and got them off to school.

After work I was going to walk right away but I got a call from Chris's Dad. He wanted to get together for dinner. I picked him up and Chris picked up the kids. Carter came in and the rest of the Groves males stayed outside while I cooked. I had found a package of boneless chicken breasts and thighs and baked them with seasoned bread crumbs. I cooked asparagus with hollandaise sauce, long grain and wild rice, and made coleslaw with ranch dressing. Then I left for my walk with Cindy. My iPod wasn't charged up so I plugged my headphones into my cell phone and that worked just fine, though I missed using the stopwatch on the iPod to track my laps and time.

I came home and Chris's Dad wanted to buy Cooper some rubber boots so I went to get some. I found a pair very similar to Carter's for only nine bucks, and picked up some liners for Carter's boots too. I was pleased to find that after at least FOUR MONTHS, Wal-Mart finally had Cooper's vanilla soy milk back in stock. I check for it every single time I go there (at least once or twice a week) and they haven't had it since late summer I'm pretty sure. It's definitely been a few months. I picked up a couple cartons just because they had it.

I came home and Chris took his Dad home. I finally ate a bit of supper and started working on a calendar for a coworker. Both boys fell asleep fairly early. It's nearly one now and Cooper is asleep on the other couch. He just talked in his sleep a second ago and said, ''I just got a fish.'' Must be dreaming about his first catch from last weekend! Carter is zonked on the carpet. Now I need to go tuck them into their beds and go to bed too. No new pictures since my last post; hopefully some fun outdoor activities this weekend...


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