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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What Are You Doing Here?

Didn't you give up on me a long time ago? It's been a month and ten days since I last blogged. Jeepers. So much has happened this past month! And school's out for summer!

We did a bunch of barbecuing last month when the weather was a little better. It's gotten regularly cool and rainy lately. We attempted a campout at our friends' yard when we went to their daughter's birthday party. We had a great barbecue and were planning an evening outside but the rain took over shortly after supper. The kids cavorted like crazies out in the rain until they were soaked then I took them in the camper for pajamas and ended up falling asleep with them. Chris stayed out with the guys and the insane lot of them took off on four-wheelers in the wee hours and driving rain. Chris's quad looks like it ran over a muddy swamp creature! I should have taken pictures.

A few days after my last blog entry, we went to the air show. The kids likely didn't enjoy it as much as I did; I was so looking forward to seeing the Snowbirds. I haven't seen an air show in about thirty years. (BTW I'm not thrilled that I can say anything about thirty years ago!) Here are a couple pictures and a quick clip of our day.

Carter had a school project to work on where he had to choose someone in the community. His original choice was police officer, but since we have a friend that is a paramedic, we opted to use him! Here is a collage of the pictures and the project.

To be continued...