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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Figured Pancakes...But I Got Bagels Instead!

Okay, so I went for the mammogram. Everyone there assumed I'd done this
before but I hadn't. Therefore I was not advised not to wear any deodorant.
Oops. They gave me a cloth to wash it off as there is the possibility of it
interfering with the imaging. Hopefully that won't happen. Oddly, I paused
as I was about to put on my deodorant wondering if I should...but figured
I'd be nervous and would need it so I went ahead with it.

As this is my first time, this test will serve as the baseline for any
future mammograms and hopefully there won't be any reason for me to go back this time to get it redone. So, anyhoo, it REALLY WASN'T THAT BAD.
Seriously. Good thing my girls aren't very big. I was totally imagining
they'd be flattened like pancakes, but they were only slightly squeezed to
about bagel thickness! Horizontally for each then vertically too. Then it
was done. Wow that was easy! I do recall Cindy telling me it wasn't a big
deal for her either. So yay! Not nearly as bad as I had expected. I did feel
a slight ache very briefly a little later but it was gone as quickly as it
was noticed.

I ran home at lunch to make sure the sitter could find something for lunch
since I hadn't done any specific grocery shopping, then I managed to keep my lunch date with Kelly, Gwen and Sheila. I ran to visit Chris at work then
bolted back to the office. Our IT guy was here for the day so I got to bug
him with my questions and help him with a few things too.

After work I went home to relieve the babysitter. It's so nice not to have
to go somewhere to pick them up! But of course it will also be good to get
our regular sitter back too. Deana is doing great and the kids have been
pretty good for her. She spent most of the day outside with them.

We watched ''What Happens in Vegas'' since Chris hadn't watched it with me
last night. I returned it to the video store and ran to Safeway to get some
stuff for Deana and the boys for tomorrow. I went to the basement to get the vacuum and I could hear Chris hollering at me for something. I came back upstairs and Cooper had barfed on the kitchen floor. I ran him a bath and started cleaning the floor. Chris came in with the mop and cleaned the kitchen floor while I vacuumed the living room. ::sigh:: Both boys had slight fevers so I gave them some Tylenol.

Once everyone was settled again, I started watching ''Wanted''. I decided I
just didn't have enough steam to finish the movie and blog, so here I am.
And now I must sleep. Hopefully nobody will be sick tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Okay I'm about to gush. About the movie. OMGITWASSOFREAKINGFANTASTIC. It was made of ABBA, which means it was made out of awesome. And the cast could NOT have been any perfecter. Yeah, that's a word. (Christy, it even had Colin Firth in it!) I laughed out loud a lot. And tried not to look like I was dancing inside myself throughout all the ABBA songs. I'll probably smile all day tomorrow with an ABBA tune and scenes from the movie running through my head. And good thing, 'cause it's mammogram day tomorrow. Eeek.

I have another movie to watch that Cindy lent me before it has to go back to the video store tomorrow. (Insert evil laugh here...this is a movie nazi reference...) She lent me What Happens in Vegas. I'm not sure if I'll stay up to watch it. Right now I'm typing along to the soundtrack of Mamma Mia. Kelly and I quickly ran to Wal-Mart after the movie tonight because I had to get milk. So we darted to the electronics department and both picked up the soundtrack before darting to the dairy section for the milk. All that in under seven minutes because the store was about to close.

We were supposed to go to Bingo tonight. As Kelly and I were on our way to meet up with Mom, Mom called to say she heard something else was going on at the Bingo hall. We drove all the way there just in case, and sure enough Bingo was cancelled. Mom mentioned the movie and a new plan was instantly hatched. We had some time to kill before the movie so Mom went to Auntie Lurdes' house and I dropped Kelly off and came home. I talked the kids into coming in and gave them a bath and put them in their jammies before leaving to pick up Kelly. Mom met up with us there but some of her girlfriends had already invited her when we had our Bingo plans. So she ditched us and sat with her friends. Seemed like a bizarre role reversal...y'know, like she was my teenage daughter that was too cool to hang out with her Mom or something. Too funny.

Well, I have no new pictures (again) and I've been so close to finishing a scrapbooking layout but I still have nothing to share as of yet. But I'll be back tomorrow...probably whining about my boobies.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Chemical Headache

Okay, so going cold turkey off caffeine sucks a bit. By late afternoon I had a headache. A nasty one. A few gals at the office said the caffeine/mammogram thing isn't always true. The lady at the hospital told me as long as my breasts were feeling okay and not tender it should be fine.

I threw some Midol at my headache when I got home and it laughed at me. I laid down for a bit hoping it would pass while Chris played outside with the kids. Nope. I waited awhile and got out the Tylenol. That helped a bit. I went to Wal-Mart to get some cake mixes and stuff to make a couple desserts for my Mom's lunch party tomorrow. On the way home I stopped at Tim Horton's and grabbed a couple coffees for Chris and me. Almost instant relief. Seriously. Caffeine is a nasty drug. But I feel oh-so-much better. I'm hoping the mammogram doesn't hurt as much as that headache. I doubt it.

So I baked a couple gorgeous chocolate cakes to make these desserts. One will be a Death by Chocolate, and the other is a bit of an experiment. Instead of Cool Whip and Skor Bits, I'm going to use Cool Whip, cherry pie filling and mini chocolate chips. Sort of a Death by Black Forest, I guess. I hope it turns out well. I'm thinking with those ingredients it can't really go wrong. Yum.

We watched a movie called Felon tonight. My review on this one? WOW. And more WOW. Val Kilmer? Amazing. I hope he won something for that performance. And the main character too (I don't know the actor's name; I'll have to Google it later). It was a bit gut-wrenching at times, but the story and the ending made it worthwhile. It's one of those movies that is intensely thought-provoking enough to me that I think about it for a few days.

That's about it for me; I'm going to try to get some good sleep before Cooper comes climbing into our bed at about three-thirty, his usual visiting time. By then I'm in my yummy sleep phase and am unable to gain enough consciousness to carry him back to his own bed. He is such a bed hog; I have got to start kicking him out. One thing that has worked is going to his bed and he follows me back there. Once he's asleep I go back to mine. There's still a loss in quality and quantity of sleep, but at least he's in his bed and I don't get kicked or get my hair mauled. Sometimes I try to hide in the living room, but even in the pitch darkness he wanders throughout the house to find me. ::Sigh::

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Purging and Putting

This morning Chris kindly got up with the kids and brought me a coffee. Niiiiiice. Later in the day I would realize I have a mammogram appointment coming soon, and I only have a number of days to detox the caffeine out of myself. Duh. I've been gorging on coffee lately.

Chris and I got rid of a bunch of junk from the basement today. Then he asked if I wanted to take the kids mini-golfing. What a great idea! We got ready and went to the mini-golf course. It started out well, like an organized sport. Then Carter would go on to the next hole and leave us behind. Soon Cooper followed suit, and Chris and I were left to our own rivalry. He really really really enjoys when I hit the ball off the course, and is always sure to say, "that's an extra stroke, right?" No, we're not competitive at all. I ended up losing by five strokes, and neither of us was anywhere near par. But seriously, we did have fun! I took a couple pictures of the kids in fine golfing form.




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We came home and I had a bit of a nap with Cooper while Chris took Carter with him to take some of the junk to the garbage. Carter napped a little later, then Chris suggested barbecuing something for supper. I took some chicken breasts out of the freezer and defrosted them and seasoned them. Chris started barbecuing and I pan-fried some potatoes and mushrooms and made some coleslaw. Everything was delicious, and the boys even nibbled on it.

We watched TV and played around with the kids until Carter frrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaked out. There was blood pouring down his leg. Last week the sitter took the kids to the park and Carter had had a wipeout, skinning his knee. It was healing fairly well, but the roughhousing on the carpet blew it wide open again. He was just beside himself while we cleaned him up again and dressed his wound. Poor guy.

Both kids zonked out in the living room. Make that all three. I think Chris fell asleep first. Now it's my turn.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is...

Well, the rain is here, not gone as the quoted song would depict. After all it is Fall Fair weekend! I'm feeling like a real smarty for having taken the kids to the fair on Thursday night since it's barely stopped raining since Friday afternoon. And dang is it cold out today!

Yesterday morning I took the Jeep in to have the windshield replaced. There were two major cracks in it, and plenty of pits from rocks and gravel. The glass dude also replaced my windshield wipers with some new Teflon ones. Niiiiiiice. Seriously, it looks like there is nothing there at all with the new windshield in. And since it's been raining pretty much since I got the new windshield, it's nice to try out those wipers and see how clearly it works! OH! Aaaaaaaaaaaand, the last time we went for an oil change (I may have mentioned this), I got a quote on fixing the rear window wiper. It would have cost over two hundred bucks for parts and labour, but the day before I got the new windshield, it started working again! Yay for all kinds of working wipers!

We decided to go to Pizza Hut for supper. It was extremely busy there but we managed to get a table right away. Then a line formed that never ended the whole time we were there. The kids were, but we managed to corral them until the food came an hour later. I had a chicken Caesar salad (they forgot the chicken and brought it after) and Chris ordered a cheeseburger pizza. We ordered a small pizza for the boys to share but of course they were far more interested in their chocolate milk. After supper, we went to visit Great Papa, which was great. I had forgotten my camera, but here is a picture from a previous visit:

This morning the boys were up earrrrrrrrrrlyyyyyyyy. Ugh. I moved myself and my duvet into the living room so I could attempt snoozing while trying to parent at the same time. That's much harder to do than that pat-your-head-and-rub-your-tummy thing. So I gave up quickly.

I got ready and got us all dressed and we headed to Tim Horton's. I ordered the kids a chocolate dip donut each, and a small French vanilla cappuccino each too. I had an extra large coffee and an 'everything' bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese. The kids were fairly well-behaved and I had a few comments on how good they were from strangers. If only they knew (insert evil laugh here) how these kids go squirrelly. But all in all, they were pretty good. There was a couple with these two cyuuuuute little blonde girls and both my boys were sort of flirting with them. Though Cooper's version of flirting is growling and making a scary face, or just sticking his tongue out. Or the one where he tilts his head down and stares at people by peering out from under his eyebrows.

After Tim Horton's we brought Chris a coffee. I had thought about going to Wal-Mart with the kids but they were fairly keyed up so we took a drive to Mom and Dad's instead. Good choice. We had a nice little visit with Mom and Dad. I should have taken a picture of their living room; Mom has replaced the furniture and she found some perfect matching curtains. The only thing left to change is the dusty rose carpeting, which is a matter of talking Dad into something new 'cause he likes having the carpet under his feet. I'm the same way about carpet; even though our living room carpet is downright frightening, I still like the softness of it. But if our floors didn't all slant in varying directions, I'd be all over some nice laminate flooring 'cause our carpet is getting pretty icky.

We came back to town and filled up the Jeep. We stopped by Seija & Ian's to drop off the baby announcements I did for them and we came home. Chris was just getting home from work. We tried to get the kids to nap, and I crawled back into bed hoping for a snooze. I lightly dozed a little and I think Cooper might have too. We all got ready and took a trip to Wal-Mart for a few household items. (A hundred dollars' worth, of course.) We stopped at M&M for something for supper and I decided to try their rack of pork ribs and the seasoned potato wedges.

We came home and Chris barbecued the ribs while I attempted to deep-fry the potato wedges. Seems our deep-fryer is cooked, so to speak, so I had to do them on the stove. We ate the ribs and wedges and corn, with ranch dressing to dip the wedges in.

After supper I took back the movies I had rented last night. I had rented Street Kings, Penelope, Ice Age, and Zathura. Apparently Chris had already seen Street Kings so we watched Penelope. It was cute. Something the whole family could watch, which is refreshing. Cooper fell asleep during the movie but Carter is still up. I'm blogging in his room 'hanging out' with him while he watches a movie. It's just about midnight, but he had a late, long nap. Oy.

Well, since I have no new pictures, I'm just plain outta here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall Fair Fun

Yeah, we had fun at the fair with the kids this year, but really, thank God it's just once a year!

It's been a busy week at the office. That and we weren't up to too much at home and I don't recall too much exciting blog fodder that I might be missing.

But so far the highlight of the week was taking the kids to the fair. Chris came home and showered and we headed out right away. We went to the bank and took out a loan to go to the fair then Chris decided he wanted to go to the car wash first. Half an hour later we were finally on our way to the fair.

We had to park way back in the tall cabbage when we arrived but as we walked through the field to get to the fair I found a perfect parking spot. I ran back for the Jeep and luckily got the spot. It's nice to know that when the kids are totally losing their cool from sheer exhaustion after fair time that the vehicle is parked nearby!

We quickly walked through the exhibition hall to check on my layout I submitted for the scrapbooking exhibit. I only have four 12x12 layouts printed, but it was still a tough choice of which one to submit. I do believe mine is the only digital scrapbooking page, so it will be interesting to see if they include me in the running.

We ventured to the food booths and ate hamburgers then braved the throngs along the midway. We purchased wristbands for the kids to the tune of sixty dollars (stabbing pains to the chest; especially since I missed the pre-sale where we could have saved eighteen bucks.) The kids enjoyed all the kiddie rides and I took a few pictures which will be posted below. The four of us actually rode on the big ferris wheel together. We would have ridden on the smaller one but they were busy cleaning puke off it so we opted for the other one!

Both boys really enjoy the rides, which makes me very happy. I'm hoping they're going to be roller coaster lovers later on in case we get to take them to a real amusement park when they get bigger.

We played a few games and I won a puny little teddy bear for rolling a bowling ball just right. We wasted a few more bucks playing games, but the kids had a blast playing for those dinky little toys that we could have purchased a gross of at the dollar store for less money. Such is the fall fair though, and I just don't think we could miss it.

Carter started having a bit of a meltdown; boy that kid can whine! While the kids were on the dragon roller coaster, I actually went and bought a Coke so he could level out his sugar and get a bit of caffeine to keep him from being so tired and whiny. Yeah, I know. Mother of the Year. Not.

We all went on another ride together; the strawberries. We made sure to get our own 'car' so that we, the grown-ups could control the spinning. It was great fun; the kids really got a kick out of it. Unfortunately the kids are a bit small for the swings. Y'know, those things that wing out nearly horizontally and travel at warp speed? Yeah, I wanted to go on them. Maybe next year I can talk one of them into joining me.

We finally decided to pull the plug on all the fun and went to look at the animals before we left. Chris got the requisite homemade milkshake and I picked up the candy apples and cotton candy.

We came home and the kids made their attempts at eating their candy apples. I was so pleased they gave up easily and I got to eat mine and finish theirs. On that note, I'd best be going to brush my teeth before bed. Here are the pictures...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Over a Week of Sunshine

Wow the weather has been incredible!

At this moment I recall nothing of Thursday but Friday was a memorable one!

I took the day off and had a ME day. First I took the kids to the sitter. I picked up a coffee for Chris and myself and a mocha for Serena, whom I went to visit next for my facial appointment. (I had a gift certificate from my birthday so I'd been planning this for awhile!)

The facial? ROCKED. My face felt so smooth and my neck and shoulders were so relaxed. What a great way to start the day. Afterward I went home and for some BIZARRE reason I decided to clean the kitchen floor. Like really clean it. Like moving the dining table and chairs into the living room, and moving the dishwasher into the living room. Like moving the fridge and stove. Moving the fridge was quite revealing. Let's recap what I found. (besides all the gross dirt):

18 Hotwheels cars
20 letters of the alphabet
1 pizza menu
923745987 assorted fridge magnets
A handful of blocks and stuff

In case this doesn't seem descriptive enough, I will enlighten with you with a picture of my findings. (Not for the squeamish!)

So once I had moved the fridge and stove I encountered all the ickiness underneath both. I sprayed with an array of household cleaners (separately of course!) and wiped away most of it with paper towels. But since this house is very old and the linoleum is so engrained in its pits with dirt, I decided to try tackling it head-on. I've usually just done a regular sweep and mop but I made the extra effort of attempting to clean around the fridge and stove areas with a stiff scrub brush. And OMGITWORKED. I did a few more trouble spots then realized how much of my ME day I was spending scrubbing my kitchen floor. I did another sweep and mopped the whole thing a few times then decided it was time to join Cindy and the kids at the beach.

I headed for the beach with a coffee and a sandwich in hand. I arrived and surprised Cindy and had a visit for about an hour. After a quick dip I headed back to town. The moment I left the beach my gas light came on. Oops. Luckily I had no trouble making the fifteen kilometre trip to the gas station (that's about ten miles for you standard folk). I filled up the Jeep and went home again for a brief few precious moments until it was time to pick up the kids and succumb to the end of my ME day. Really, it was great.

Yesterday we played outside off and on. The boys were up pretty early. Eventually I dragged myself out of bed and decided to go get a coffee for Chris and me. We went to visit him at work then went to Mom and Dad's. We hung out there for awhile and picked up some blueberries I needed to deliver.

We came back to town and Chris got off work. We played outside again for a bit and I took this darling picture of the boys cooling themselves off.

I took them in and gave them a warm bath and was really hoping they'd nap simultaneously. They did, eventually and I got to have a bit of a snoozie. But I needed to get up and ready to go to a surprise birthday party for a coworker. The morning of my facial I dyed my hair and dried it but didn't iron it. I had a quick shower and did all the requisite drying and ironing of my hair and a quick make-up application. I took Carter with me to Wal-Mart and grabbed a snack to bring to the party. I picked up Nicki and dropped off Carter and we were on our way.

Surprisingly, the party really was a surprise for Sandi, and it was a lovely get-together. We had a nice full-moon-lit drive home and I was tired enough to not do any major computing. Both kids were still up for quite awhile so I was hoping to sleep in this morning. Yay! Cooper let me sleep until eight. But Carter was raring to go with his new Bakugan toy we finally found at Wal-Mart. He has played with that thing non-stop since he got it. The only scary thing is that it has a strong magnet in it and I think he touched the computer screen with it. Thankfully it was on the old computer, but we had a talk about staying away from anything with a screen or any electronics. He's allowed to put it on the fridge, any metal doors, the side of the dishwasher and the stove if he asks if it's not on.

So, I was working on a little project on the computer when I saw my friend show up on MSN messenger. For anonymity sake, let's call her Veronica. It was about twenty after nine. She agreed to go beaching with us, so I hustled to get ready to pick her up at ten. We made the trek to beautiful Sandbar Provincial Park. Veronica's sister, (we'll call her Betty), joined us. We had an AMAZING day at the beach. The beach is huge and it was oh so sunny. The kids had a blast. It is downright scary how brave Carter is in the water. He just wanders out until he's up to his neck. Cooper stays fairly close to me but loves the water too. I took a few pictures, and this was the second time both boys have been to Sandbar. The first time Cooper was just six months old. We made sure to get a picture of us near the same tree for posterity purposes...

After an amazing sunny day with an overdose of Vitamin D for yours truly, we headed back home, but not before a stop for ice cream. Carter unfortunately slept through it but Cooper thoroughly enjoyed his.

We came home and Carter woke up and is still up way past ten-thirty. Cooper fell asleep just before we got home and so far he's still down for the count. I'll leave you with a couple more pictures from our sunshiny wonderful day:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Top ten reasons this was a Happy Wednesday.

10. We're half way through the week.
9. Actually I'm off Friday so I'm past the halfway mark!
8. We had a pot luck luncheon at work including pizzas and fabulous salads.
7. The weather is still gorgeous. (even though I'm not off to enjoy it at a beach)
6. Kelly got us tickets to go see a Beatles concert this fall.
5. I went to Bingo with Mom, Kelly, Shawna, and my sister Cindy!
4. Cindy won not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!
3. I won once too; shared a hundred fifty bucks with Kelly and Shawna!!!
2. After Bingo we stopped at Kelly's and she gave me the turntable from her old microwave.
1. It fits; same brand. Yay for not having to buy a whole new microwave. Thanks, Kelly! :)

So, all in all a good day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hooked On Camping Works For Me!

Saturday morning. Ten o'clock. I had just had a quick bath and then washed my hair. It was a beautiful day. I phoned Chris at work to ask if he wanted to go camping. Just one night since it was a regular weekend. I told him the campground had a spot for us and that I would have everything ready. He was game. I kicked it into high gear and got ready.

I gassed up the Jeep and grabbed a few groceries. Chris came home and showered and we coupled up the trailer to the Jeep and blasted off. Just a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a few more things and Tim Horton's and we were off and running. Since our last couple camping trips I have changed my fixation on French Vanilla Cappuccino to coffee. I've always enjoyed the occasional coffee but now I'm thinking about getting one of those one-cup thermal mug coffee makers with a timer so there would be a coffee waiting for me as I go out the door in the morning. In the meantime I've been jetting over to Timmy's in the morning.

So, back to camping...Saturday was gorgeous and we arrived at the campground around three. We checked in and drove down to the camp site area. We found Auntie Lurdes, Uncle Cliff, Auntie Josie and Uncle Bob right away and really surprised them that we showed up. They were also there with Guy and Marie, and Pete and Claudine had taken Guy and Marie out fishing. The Mackies were still there too and I think we surprised them as well. Everyone got together for supper once everyone returned from fishing. We had brought steaks so I had already started cooking. We had tenderloin steaks, sliced potatoes fried with onion, pan-fried mushrooms and coleslaw. We were stuffed. By the time we were done cooking and eating the big group was nearly done their fish fry.

After supper there was a guys' date to watch the big UFC fight on Mike's dish. The girls sat in the dining tent and visited. The kids were strewn about either with grandparents or wandering in and out of the campers. Cooper fell asleep on my lap and we set him up on a reclining lawn chair until we went back to our own camper. Carter fell asleep inside watching movies.

Sunday was even gorgeouser. Yeah, that's a word. haha. Chris went fishing with Mike and I made a whole bag of water balloons for the kids to play with down at the beach. The water level was lowered, making the beach more accessible than last time. The kids had a blast. I had a hard time keeping them sunscreened, but their shirts and shorts covered them fairly well, even if the sunscreen kept getting rinsed off. Or covered in sand and then rinsed off! I got plenty of Vitamin D myself and as a result have a pretty good tan; my first in about six years or so.

**Edited to add: Seems I forgot only ONE thing on this camping trip. Pull-ups. Oops. Cooper was in his pull-up until after supper Saturday then we braved taking it off (well we had to anyway!) and asked him to pee in the bushes! All was actually well. Both boys made it through the night with a dry bed. Then while I was cooking breakfast (eggs benedict and golden hash browns, by the way) he stood there by me and said, "Mom, I'm peeing." In. His. Clothes. That happened twice then I switched him to swim shorts and it just didn't matter anymore! He did great all day and a couple times told me before he had to pee! We're getting somewhere. And it's good.

We took a break from the beach and Shelly and I took the kids up to our camper and made some lunch. We had turkey wraps with flavoured cream cheese, chips and dip, veggies and dip, and crackers. Chris and Mike came back with a limit of fish each and headed off to clean them.

Just before supper we packed up and folded down the camper and went over to Mike and Shelly's camper for supper. We had a pile of burgers then the kids were wiped out. We put them in the Jeep and they both slept the whole ride home. We arrived at home and didn't bother opening the camper; most of the stuff we needed we had packed in the Jeep. Cooper stayed asleep but Carter got up for a few hours.

Monday evening I went on a bizarre cleaning rampage. Chris was over visiting the neighbours. I went around the house collecting all the laundry baskets of clean clothes. A couple in the kids' room, a pile in our room, and a few in the basement. I made a ginormous mountain in the living room and proceeded to go through and sort every single article of clothing. Stuff for the Salvation Army, stuff too big for Carter to keep for later, stuff that fits Carter, stuff too small for Carter that I'm keeping for Cooper, stuff that fits Cooper, stuff that is too small for Cooper for either giving away or selling to one of the consignment stores in town. Stuff that I didn't want anymore, stuff of Chris's and the biggest shitpile of socks this world has ever seen. I threw all of Chris's socks into his bin with his clothes he needs to sort through. I found 892673458724365 more socks of the boys' and mine. And in all of those freaking socks I found, there were very few matching. I still will need to go through dresser drawers all over to try to find matches. I'm forecasting that I will be keeping a few nice pairs for everyone and chucking the rest. Because I really don't feel like a career change to sock sorter.

Today was another nice day; I believe we've gone at least four days without rain in a row. That's got to be a record for the year. I sure wish we were camping again! We invited Mom and Dad over for some fresh walleye. Chris deep-fried some homemade fries. I breaded and fried the fish and we had corn and coleslaw too. I had also picked up a key lime pie for dessert. It was pretty good!

After the dishes were all said and done (thanks for the most part to Mom!) I went to the video store to grab a movie. I picked up two; Meet Bill and Knocked Up. Knocked Up isn't new but I haven't seen it yet. And since it has the same goofs as Superbad I thought it would be good for a few laughs. We watched Meet Bill with Mom and Dad. Both kids (all three of my boys actually) fell asleep during the movie. It was an okay movie. I normally like Aaron Eckhardt and this movie wasn't an exception. As his character evolved in the movie he got better and better. Mom and Dad left after the movie then we didn't stay up to watch the other movie. I'm about to crash but I really had to do some catching up here!

I haven't done any scrapping; I've barely touched the computer lately since our camping addiction began, even though the laptop goes wherever I go. But I will leave you with a few pictures I plan to scrap when I get my butt in gear!

Cooper Swinging Up a Storm - He gets the legs of this thing off the ground!

Carter Bathing in the Sand

Soggy Footprints from Chasing and Demolishing Water Balloons

Carter, Dawson and Cooper Soaking It All In.

Wow. This Boy is Made of Dirt!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

My New Favourite Commercial...

Work was GREAT today; I got tons of things accomplished and found the surface of my desk. We've started to formulate some plans for the weekend. More on that later...

But for now, I finally found my new favourite commercial on YouTube. Makes me laugh every time!

Some Camping Pictures!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Forty-Three Million Dollars

I didn't win forty-three million dollars. That's how much the lottery jackpot was tonight. Oy vey. I did manage to get to Bingo tonight, with my Mom and Auntie Lurdes and Auntie Maggie. Auntie Maggie was the lucky winner of our bunch, though we all had many close calls, and a good time.

Work was swamped again but by tomorrow I should have everything caught up again. After work I picked up the boys and got them Happy Meals for supper. I picked up Dad's lottery tickets he forgot to get while he was in town, and did a quick stop at Tim Horton's before picking up my two aunts and Mom for Bingo.

Yesterday our sleepy little town had some excitement. There was a high-speed chase and our local police had a few roadblocks with the big guns out. Some guy stole a car and robbed a couple places in a nearby town and managed to get past a police roadblock. The police spent most of the afternoon chasing and trying to pinpoint the guy. Seems they almost had him but when the guy sped out of the McDonald's parking lot at one point, a motorist wouldn't yield to the police car and the dude got away. They did get the guy and I imagine he's gotten himself into a heap of trouble. Sirens could be heard all afternoon all over the place.

So the past couple days have been pretty nice weather-wise aside from a hearty yet brief thunderstorm this afternoon. Where I work the heavy rain just sounds like a big roar on the roof. There were a few good cracks of thunder then the next time I looked outside it was sunny again. Weird.

I realize I keep saying I'm going to post pictures but I've been going to bed fairly early lately since we got back from camping. I'm going to see if I can stay up late enough tonight to sort through some and get them posted here...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

(Yes, popular...with my parents at least!) Thanks Mom and Dad! :)

Well, camping was great again. We took the bad weather with the good and had a great time. I forgot to mention on our first trip that Mom and Dad came to visit, and they stayed in our little camper and we had a good time, despite the rain!

The feasts were massive again. This time a fish fry, pork tenderloins by the truckload, chicken wings with homemade sauce (with just the right amount of spicy), and not one, but two turkeys and all the fixin's!

I actually even got out fishing one evening and caught three little walleyes that I released so that they'll be bigger the next time I catch them! And I do promise to post pictures but there are so many to go through so that will have to be my next post.

Today work was OMGSOFREAKINGBUSY! It was my first day back after being off those two weeks and first of all I had plenty of emails to catch up on, calls to answer, and in addition to my regular work and having to do month-end, I had to try to cover other departments for the staff that are now having their turns taking vacation! Ooooh, aaaaaaaand, we got a niiiiiiiiice new colour copier delivered today, so I worked with the technicians to set it up and learn the ropes on it. Good stuff.

I'm hoping tomorrow smooths out a bit but today was a good day. Chris cut the grass after work today, and of course the weather was beeeeyoooooteeeeeful on our first day back at work. The boys had a good day back at the sitter aside from Carter cutting the palm of his hand on a toy he fell on outside. We had pizza for supper and Cindy and I went to a funeral visitation this evening. Then we picked up her son Dominic from (OMG) his girlfriend's house!

They dropped me off and came in for a bit to visit. Then we realized we were out of soy milk so after they left I did a quick Wal-Mart run. Cooper was asleep when I got back but he got up for a drink of milk and Carter is still up at almost ten-thirty. Hopefully it won't be a late night. (And hopefully I'll be back in the full swing of blogging again!) Turns out the campground had internet, but it's somehow through the payphone in the laundry room and I never ended up using it. Believe it or not, I didn't miss the Internet on this last camping trip at all!

Oh, and when we came back from camping we did a beach trip the next day to Blue Lake. It was quasi-cloudy but a nice day, and I even took a quick dip in the lake. Again, I have pictures but I have some searching and sorting to do! :)