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Monday, February 28, 2011

He's So Full of It

Today was an eventful one. Carter had a tummy ache since Saturday and I was getting pretty worried. I was hoping it was just constipation but didn't want to take any chances of his appendix rupturing or something. So this morning he still wasn't himself and hadn't produced his usual output so we dropped Cooper off at school and I brought Carter to work with me. My plan was to call the clinic when it opened and if I could get a walk-in appointment, I'd take him to Mom and Dad's if they were around until the appointment. If I couldn't get one, I'd just take him to the ER. So after waiting for the place to open, then trying for about 10-15 minutes of non-stop redialing, I decided to take him up.

We got in quickly to the triage nurse, then were taken to a room where Carter got to lie down with a toasty warm, just-out-of-the-oven blanket. We waited awhile then the doctor came in and knew Carter wasn't feeling well. He checked his belly and ordered an x-ray. Carter lit up like a Christmas tree, he was so excited. Shortly after, he had to take off his pants to put on a gown and was transported by wheelchair to the x-ray room. He was thrilled to be maneuvered on the x-ray table, then I had to leave the room so she could take the pictures.

He was offered a sticker, and opted for the "I had an x-ray today" one. He was driven back to the room where we awaited the verdict from the doctor. The doctor came in and said, "Well, you're full of poop." He prescribed a gentle laxative and a fleet enema. We went to the pharmacy but opted for just the laxative. I brought him to hang out with his grandparents for the afternoon (we're so lucky to have them so handy :) I gave him a dose and we were treated to salmon salad sandwiches for lunch. Carter nibbled a little on one; he'd been eating like a bird all weekend.

On my way back to work I stopped at Tim Horton's for a coffee. This morning one of my coworkers was behind me the first time I went through, so I paid for her coffee. This time I was rewarded with what I like to call coffee karma, and the person ahead of me bought my coffee. Sweet!

The month of February has flown by as if it were just a week. I made these Valentine cards for the boys to take to school. I also was oddly ambitious enough to design and print out personalized lollipop covers to match the cards for each classmate and teacher. Unfortunately the morning before Valentine's Day I woke up with a wry neck and didn't feel up to cutting them all out. Instead I whipped up personalized envelopes.

For Carter's I added extra work to the project by doing green for the boys and pink for the girls. Leave it to me to complicate things as much as possible!

For friends and family, I did these ones, and kept one of each to stick on our fridge. ♥

Last week I went to Winnipeg with Kelly and Ben for Ben's orthodontic appointment. He went to get his braces off. It's been a long time since we made one of these trips. We went to the mall, where the dentist office is. We arrived early despite the insane city traffic, and had breakfast at the food court, where barely anything was even open yet. I guess the mall opens at ten. The nerve of them for not opening sooner since we were in town. haha. Kelly and I wandered the mall while Ben was at his appointment. I was more looking forward to a Costco spree. Ben found us and we made our way to Costco. I bought a bunch of my favourite things...apparently I have quite a penchant for large Zip-Loc freezer bags, and lo and behold they were even on sale, so I bought a three-pack of forty bags. That ought to last me awhile!

After we had eaten a big breakfast, we regretted it almost instantly thinking we wouldn't have any room for a feast at Red Lobster. Fortunately all the walking and shopping took up enough time and energy that we managed to squeeze it in before leaving the city. It was the start of Lobsterfest (YUM!) so I had some sort of feast with two lobster tails and some shrimp alfredo pasta. I was torn over two different meal orders since one included the garlic shrimp. The lovely waitress advised I could add it to the lobster meal, so of course I did. We gorged on the salty, cheesy biscuits, Caesar salad, and of course the lobster feast. Kelly treated me to this amazing lunch for being her navigator. Each time we came out of a store, and from the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised to find her vehicle was still there every time. Kelly wasn't worried about her vehicle being stolen this time; she simply knows what to do now when it happens. Having OnStar is a plus too; apparently if she'd had it when it was stolen before, they could have located it in about three minutes. Fortunately we didn't have to deal with any of that. Yay!

So after a productive day we headed back home, only being gone about fifteen hours in total, with over half of it driving time. In other happy news, the weather must be getting a little milder because the back window wiper on my Jeep started working like a charm again today. I guess it just does not like cold weather! It's nice to see out the back window again! :)

Well, now, poor Carter gets constipated and I get the verbal diarrhea. Feels good to blog it all out again! I hope to keep up with it; this is way better than a one-line status update on Facebook or a 128-character Tweet!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Winter Fun

Today we went to a birthday party for a daughter of Chris's friend and coworker. Yours truly actually donned all my winter gear INCLUDING skates! The boys enjoyed skating and quickly went from shuffling along to gliding. They had a few slips and falls but I'm happy to report I managed to stay vertical. Here are a few pictures of the party:

We came home and watched a bit of TV then the boys (all three) crashed. That was a fun day. :)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy New Everything

Lordy Lordy it's been a long time. I got so remiss in my blogging duties that I got scared to attempt it, with so much to catch up on. Let's was SUMMER the last time I blogged. Right now we're smack in the middle of winter, but thanks to Groundhogs Wyarton Willie and his Punxatawney counterpart, we're supposed to get an early spring.

Many things are the same and many have changed. Of course the boys have changed the most. Carter is in grade two and Cooper is in senior kindergarten. Cooper started full-time in the fall. We enrolled the boys in Judo in the fall, and we still enjoy taking them twice a week. Chris and I take turns bringing them and enjoy a couple hours of solitude when it's our turn to stay home.

Life continues to be busy with work and wanting to find more time to spend with family and friends. We enjoyed a great Christmas with all the family that was nearby. I got spoiled and have been enjoying my new winter boots and mitts, making this an enjoyable winter since my feet are warm and dry.

The thing I miss most about blogging is keeping track of our lives. It's so hard to remember any details from summer to now since there are so many. I haven't even compiled all our pictures from 2010 yet; maybe that will help me piece things together. Well, I hope to be back to this soon; maybe a new blog header will help inspire me to stay tuned.