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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Right Place, Right Time

Well, Fall is here but today was a beautiful, warm day. Yesterday too...Chris has barbecued two days in a row. I've still been fighting a cold the past few days. Mom brought some delicious chicken soup yesterday and I enjoyed it for supper today.

On my way home from work yesterday, I stopped in to see Chris at work. He went to pick up the kids while I went to get a few groceries. I went to M&M and got some bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and to the grocery store for some veggies. On my way home, I just happened to catch the tail end of an announcement on the radio about a radio contest...had to be caller number four. As I drove (my bad!) I dialed the radio station, still listening to find out the contest details. Sure enough, I was caller number four, which qualified me to be in a draw for a fifty dollar gift certificate at a local clothing store. The announcer kept me on the phone to get contact info, and advised me the draw was going to be in just a few minutes.

I got home and put away the groceries. Just as I sat down, my phone rang and it was the radio station. I won the draw and can pick up my gift certificate next week. Talk about right place/right time! :)

Today I had some fun creating some birthday invitations for a coworker. In order to post it, I changed the info. Here is a demo of the invitation; I got the idea here and created my own. The lid is attached to an insert that lifts out of a slot in the card part to show the invitation. Fun!


A couple evenings ago I sold the boys' bunk beds. They're the kind with shelves and drawers built in, and they take up a lot of space in an already small room. I've arranged to buy a couple captain's/mate's beds for them. Maybe with the drawers built in those, I might actually put some of the boys' clothes in them. Doubt it, but maybe it will help with the lack of space in the room at least.

It's been a fairly quiet weekend so far. Chris is out watching UFC at a friend's house. I had some fun building a fort for the boys and it was really quiet for a little while when they were watching a movie in there. Now they're both asleep and I'm about ready to turn in too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time Shift

I really don't know where time goes. Just when I thought I might become a regular blogger again, another week passes.

Last week I didn't mention the boys started Judo again. Twice a week. Chris and I take turns taking them. It starts earlier now, and is a shorter session to accommodate the younger kids like ours and the more advanced judoists later. I haven't taken any pictures yet; maybe if the kids each get a new gi then the pictures will look different from last season!

I didn't end up posting new pictures, but managed to change my blog header from a winter scene to a summer one; just in time for the season to change to fall and winter again. ::sigh::

Today was my turn for Judo, but I only took Carter. Awhile after I returned to work from my lunch break, I got a call from the school that Cooper had hit another kid. I thought the lady meant he punched someone, but she rephrased and told me he bonked heads with another kid and had a goose egg on his head. She said at first he was fine and all talkative but then he got quiet and wasn't feeling well. I went to pick him up right away and brought him back to work with me to keep an eye on him. I'd planned to finish what I was working on and take him home, but he was surprisingly easy to entertain with my iPad (briefly). A coworker gave him a little project to do; cutting out some therapy materials for the speech pathologists. He even paper clipped them together and handed them in separately. Cute.

I took him for coffee break too and he got to have a cuddle with Kelly for a few minutes. Obviously he seemed fine by this time but whenever I had mentioned bringing him back to school, he professed that he wasn't feeling THAT well! I managed to stay at work for the rest of the afternoon. I brought Cooper home and Chris picked Carter up. We had a quick supper before I took off in the pouring rain to bring Carter to judo.

I've been working on a few projects lately; some wedding items for a coworker I did as a gift:

Since last winter, we've been without cable TV. I switched us over to Netflix back in Februaryish. I don't miss cable TV at all, though our Netflix is LOUSY compared to the U.S. And it's not a U.S. thing, it's a Canada thing. Apparently our CRTC or whatever governing body licenses television and movie viewing around here doesn't allow all the programming. So much of it is old or "B" movies but still, it's commercial-free and only eight bucks a month, and the kids don't seem to watch as much TV. I kept us on cable internet though, thank goodness, and we can watch pretty much any TV shows we're missing out on on the computer, though that's rare. The kids seem to be loving watching old Pink Panther cartoon episodes, which I find amusing.

Well, that's about it for me; hope to be back soon! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What the What?

Despite my absence over the past LONG while, I've really missed blogging. Facebook seems to have completely taken over any documenting of our happenings and pictures; which is easy, fast, and most convenient, but still kind of a bummer.

So let's see...the kids are in school again, which started on August 30th. I have this thing where I think school should start in September, but the boys have settled in okay. Carter is now in grade three, and Cooper is in grade one. I'll sort through some pictures if I'm really serious about getting into the blogging circuit again.

Three days ago, September 11th, we were at the beach with some friends. The weather was hot, the water was refreshing. Then Mother Nature dropped the temperature like it was a hot potato. It snowed today. Ewwwww. So much for easing us into cooler weather.

Chris and I still work in the same places. It was a busy, hot summer, with many trips to the beach and to visit friends and family at camp. The pinnacle of the summer was my 40th birthday on Canada Day, July 1st. My family, friends, and a few coworkers threw a surprise birthday party for me. It was fantastic. Aside from the grand surprise, I received an amazing Cheryl Parenteau cake, and a long-coveted iPad I'd been hemming and hawing over buying.

Over the past year or so, I've had some eye troubles. It started with a goopy eye infection. One day when I was rubbing my eye, I felt a sharp pain. Ever since, I've had a leaky eye, since the tear duct to carry tears away from the eye seems to be blocked. It took an optometrist, two nurse practitioners, and finally the winner, the opthalmologist to figure it out. I'm supposed to be booked for surgery this October. Hopefully that will happen; it will be nice to not have a leaking eye all the time. Sometimes it's just a drop, other times a stream of tears runs down my face. I look forward to getting it fixed.

Well, that was a cheap catch-up post, so I'll go review some pictures and maybe add in a little slideshow to this post.