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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lovin' Summer!

...or Summer Lovin' as the song goes. Either way, it's been a fantastic weather week! And now that it's summer we had an overcast day yesterday and a thunderstorm today. However, it was still seasonably wonderfully hot and this evening the kids got to play outside.

I know I've got some more serious catching up to do. Good news is I'm over my addiction to playing Pathwords on Facebook. Bad news is I started playing Farkle. I started racking my brain last night to come up with a synopsis of the past week. This goes back to a week ago Sunday...we went to Mom and Dad's house for supper with a bunch of relatives. My cousin Kevin was in town and Mom and Dad had a fish fry. Yum. Chris was away for his fishing weekend with the coworkers still, and returned home while we were eating supper. He didn't come out and join us so I brought a plate home to him.

Monday is a bit of a mystery to me and Tuesday isn't much clearer except I recall going for an eyebrow wax over the lunch hour. I took the kids to the park quite a bit and have been enjoying myself making some grown-up acquaintances.

On Wednesday Tracy and I got together for lunch at the East Indian restaurant. I loooooove their buffet and am always thrilled to find someone else who enjoys it so I have the chance to have it.

On Thursday evening I talked Kelly into staying up past her bedtime to go see a movie with me. We went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Matthew McConaughey was in it, along with Jennifer Garner, two usually good selling points for me in the movies. The movie was cute, though predictable, and Kelly and I ''wrote'' large portions of it. It was enjoyable. It was also enjoyable that after the movie it was still light out for our walk home. I loooooooooooove that summer is here!

On Friday I had the day off. I took the kids to the sitter and just for fun went and took a test drive of a Ford Flex. There's no way at this point that we're buying a new vehicle but I've always wanted to go for a test drive and I'd been checking out this vehicle at the vehicle show awhile back. The features are fantastic, but more than a handful of people envision it as a hearse. Here is a picture of me while I had it, and another picture of the deer I saw on the way home from visiting Mom and Dad with it. I think the deer was pretending to be invisible since it just stood there the whole time.

After I returned the Flex, I had some serious guilt issues about abandoning my Jeep at the dealership. I really didn't want her to think I was going to ditch her. I went home and handwashed the Jeep and cleaned all the windows inside and out. By the time I took Carter to school, it had started to pour rain. Majorly. I took him to school and came back home. I hung out at home for a couple hours and decided to go out and touch up the Jeep. I ended up re-washing the whole thing. I used my new Sham-Wow that Mom gave me :) and dried it. I also used Armor-All and shined up the dash and inside of the doors and the rest of the interior.

The weather cooperated until yesterday and it stayed fairly clean. Friday evening Chris wanted to take the boys fishing. We all drove to the rocks but Carter wasn't interested in fishing. Cooper was though and he had a great time. Carter and I took a walk down the beach and through the nature trail to the park. The heat and the walk tired him out and we both got a couple nasty bug bites. This however didn't dampen the fun of going to the park. He was a little tired for the walk back so I gave him a piggy back ride for part of the way, until Carter said, Mommy, why are you making that sound? (The wheezing sound...)We ventured back to Chris and Cooper and they were done fishing by then.

On Saturday Chris took the day off and it was a BEAUTIFUL one! We took the boys to a nearby provincial park and had a picnic. We sat at a picnic table on the lakeshore and had an early lunch. I had picked up one of those frisbee thingies that turns into a ball when you throw it, so the kids had some fun playing with it and we took a little hike through the nature trails. Our kids love going on adventures!

Mom and Dad phoned while we were on our adventure, and they drove out to visit us. They snacked with us and the boys had fun running around some more, especially at the playground with Grandma!

We got home early in the afternoon and Chris started to cut the grass. Cooper napped and I went outside to get some sun. I didn't last long and came inside. Chris got a call from his friend to go out sea-dooing. He had a blast!

While I was at home with the boys my friend Diane stopped by. Cooper was still napping and I was outside with Carter while he played in the sprinkler. She had her granddaughter with her, who needed to use the bathroom! I told her we'd be going to the park once Cooper woke up from his nap. I was thrilled to see them arrive not long after we got to the park. Cooper and Chloe hit it off adorably. Carter was the life of the party and again enjoyed the company of one of his classmates.

On Sunday (Happy Father's Day) I did a Wal-Mart run early in the day and picked up a new pool. I have NO idea what happened to last year's inflatable whale pool. Carter came along and he opted for the inflatable zebra pool. Cute. The boys were just shivering from the cold water so I hauled probably forty gallons of hot water to take the edge off it. It worked, since the two of them lounged in the water after that, instead of zipping in and out of the pool. I also made about a hundred water balloons that afternoon and there are still a few coloured latex remnants on the back yard. I picked up steaks and Chris barbecued them. We also had baked potatoes and corn and fried mushrooms. Yum!

This workweek is already FLYING by. It's been very busy and therefore very quick. Dad took Carter to school today, which afforded me a whole hour for lunch. How convenient, since I was invited to lunch by a couple girls from work. I had the special, which was a FANTASTIC Greek chicken sandwich on pita bread, with Greek mayo, feta cheese, red pappers and red onions. Deeeeeeelish! Oh, with fries and gravy AND a Caesar salad, since I couldn't decide on salad or fries!

The rest of the workday flew too and before I knew it I was already picking up the boys. It was a little soggy out still from the thunderstorm earlier, so we skipped going to the park today. Carter wanted to have Toonie Tuesdays for supper. Either he's gotten a full grasp of all the days of the week or it was a good coincidence. Either way, we talked Chris into picking up the food on his way home from work.

After supper Chris played outside with the boys for awhile. They decided to go for a walk to the nearest park and asked me to join them. But I was already in pajamas since it's FREEZING in here with the air conditioner going non-stop. Eventually I re-dressed so I could go join them but they were already back. The boys wanted to ride their bikes so we walked along with them down the street and around the block. Carter still gets discouraged with the one remaining training wheel. I figured he was getting a little tired anyway. Chris was ready to come inside so I brought Carter in too. Cooper wasn't done riding his bike so we took off down the street, aiming for Kelly's place. Once we arrived he didn't want to go in the driveway and kept on riding. I shouted out a hello to Kelly in case she could hear me. Cooper and I headed home and came in the house. He was very pleased with his bike ride. Both boys went to sleep without incident. I played umpteen rounds of Farkle and decided it was time to hit the blog. Mission accomplished!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Buckle Up...It's Going to be a Long Ride.

I reeeeeeeeally should have blogged last night. Beth came to town and we had a wonderful visit. Beth is one of my ''virtual'' friends. The only way we could have had a better visit is if Angie were here too! :) Before Beth hit town, I was starting to madly shop and prepare for today. I needed to make an oriental salad for a party for Mom, along with a ''Death by Chocolate'' dessert. I toasted all the almonds and noodles last night. Cindy stopped by to visit for awhile whilst she waited for one of the kids to get off work.

Beth called and after some deliberation (and searching) for a restaurant to feed the four of her fifty-five children she brought to town, we met up at the Italian restaurant. Chris was prepping for a camping trip, plus he was tired, so I brought both boys with me. They were surprisingly well-behaved, though it could have been due to tiredness!

We ate and visited and yes, definitely took pictures. Yes, Carter was so tired he cuddled up on my lap and fell asleep. I put him down across a couple chairs so we could take some group pictures :) After our visit we came home. The boys fell asleep and I went to bed at a decent hour.

This morning Cooper was unfortunately up early, toooooooo early. Chris left for work and I somehow got Cooper to go back to sleep. Must be my favourite pillow. I managed to stay in bed until almost nine o'clock, snoozing off and on. Carter got up at some point and the little darling entertained himself until I was ready to fully face the day.

Dad was coming to pick up the salad stuff I had prepared. When he arrived he had some time to kill to pick up the bakery order at the grocery store, so I boiled up two dozen eggs that Mom asked me to pick up last night. I boiled and cooled and peeled all the eggs and put them back in the egg cartons. I packed up all the stuff in a cooler bag and Dad went on his way.

I started baking the chocolate cake for the dessert after I cooked a pound of bacon to garnish the twice-baked potatoes I was bringing to Seija and Ian's place for the barbecue. I took a blazing hot shower while the cake was baking and washed my hair. I've been hating my hair lately and have been tempted to hack it off. This happens every so often when I really need to wash and style it. Then I try something a little different and like it again. So right now I'm okay with it again.

Chris came home from work and departed shortly after for his camping/fishing weekend with his coworkers. They were headed for Dogtooth lake where one of the honchos of his workplace has a cabin.

After the cake cooled I prepared the ''Death by Chocolate''. In the process I spilled most of a package of Skor bits. Fortunately they mostly spilled into the Cool Whip container and the bowl of chocolate mousse I had on the counter. A handful spilled onto the counter and an unfortunate amount fell to the floor. Sadly I swept them up and threw them out. I had a couple more bags in the fridge, thankfully, but didn't end up needing them. I put the dessert in the fridge.

I had started to cook the potatoes earlier and finished them with a few more minutes in the microwave. I halved them and scooped them out. I mixed the scooped out potatoes with butter, milk, cheese, onion and bits of the bacon I had cooked earlier. I mixed it all with the mixer until they were smooth and scooped the mixture back into the hollowed potato halves, topping them with more grated cheese and the remainder of the bacon. Mmmmmm.

I had promised the boys I would take them to the park. I was actually hoping to take them for a picnic at the park but I ran out of time. We delivered the dessert to Mom and Dad's house. The boys didn't even want to get out of the Jeep; they wanted me to be as quick as possible so we could squeeze in a good time at the park. Our next stop was the park. The boys had a blast as usual, and for some reason they like to take their shoes and socks off there. Here are a few pictures from our park excursion. One of Carter's classmates was there, and she whisked Carter away behind the climbing wall because she ''had a secret'' to tell him. She kept telling all the other kids to go away, including Cooper. I have no idea what the secret was, but the two of them were adorable.

We didn't have much time to spend at the park, but knowing they were going to have kids to play with at Seija and Ian's house, it wasn't like pulling teeth to get them to leave. We did a super quick Wal-Mart stop since I didn't have any socks and I am still not sure if Carter started out with socks at the park or if he took them off and left them there. I do recall seeing a pair of socks on the ground at the park that looked like some we have, but I didn't want to grab them in case they belonged to some other kid that was there!

We arrived at Seija and Ian's a few minutes later, just a moment after Deidre and Greg arrived. The kids played wonderfully outside in the sunshine, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Seija was well-prepared to have four boys over in addition to her little girl. The boys were amused playing with big bouncy balls and with bubble wands. Good thinking!

We went in for supper and had a veritable FEAST! Seija and Ian fed us steaks. I brought the twice-baked potatoes. Deidre and Greg brought an amazing strawberry summer salad and a fantastic dessert. Seija and Ian also served fresh, steamed cauliflower and fried mushrooms. Mmmmm. The kids played outside a little after supper then we rounded them up for dessert. I was impressed that my boys weren't as rough as usual and listened reasonably well. :)
Since neither of the boys napped today, they wanted to come home. I had told them if we got home when it was still light out that we could go to the park by our house. Of course they remembered that detail. I drove around to the rocky hill at the entrance to the park. The boys loved hiking up the hill and enjoyed playing on the playground equipment for a bit. Then they wanted to go on a ''field trip'' as Deidre's son Connor had mentioned earlier when they were all playing outside. We walked down various trails throughout the park and I showed them where I used to go sliding when I was a kid.

We went back to the Jeep and came home. The boys wanted to watch ''Alvin and the Chipmunks''. I obliged and then proceeded to go on a crazy cleaning frenzy. I was dying to sweep and mop the kitchen floor and got carried away after that. I emptied and filled the dishwasher, making a special trip out to the Jeep to bring in SIX sippy cups from the past week or so that had varying levels amounts and varying degrees of decomposing milk in them. I was thrilled to find that two of them contained water. They definitely didn't smell the greatest but at least there were no chunks!

I washed the bowls and pans from all the cooking and baking I did today. I put all the toys in the living room in the boys' room, which seemed to be overrun with toys. I vacuumed the living room. By this time Cooper was zonking out on the couch. He opened his eyes briefly when I started the vacuum but he promptly went back to sleep. Carter, on the other hand, was still going strong. After the movie was over he wanted to watch it again. Mom gave me a ''ShamWow'' today. I remembered it and tested out its absorbency. I took frequent breaks to do Facebook updates. Once while I was at the computer, Carter walked up to me with the ShamWow in hand, asking if this was the cloth from the TV. I thought at first he was asking if it was the cloth I used to clean the TV. But he recognized it from the commercial! He started wiping things with it and I was very happy he wanted to help!

I went in the boys' room and put away all the toys. Thrilled that I found the carpet, I vacuumed it too! I went after the bathroom next and sprayed everything down. I swished and swiped the toilet but left the rest for tomorrow. I plan to continue this frenzy then. I was happy to find a brand new bottle of Mr. Clean, along with the oven cleaner. I sprayed the inside of the oven door since I remembered I couldn't even see inside the oven to see if the cake was rising today. (Gasp.)

A few minutes past midnight, Carter was still up and wanted me to take a picture with the webcam. I never use it; I had to plug it in and dust it off. We took a few silly pictures. The rest are on the other computer where I was at the time, and they are posted on Facebook just for a giggle. This was my favourite.

I was boiling hot from all the crazy jetting around. I drank a ton of water and took numerous breaks to play Pathwords or just update Facebook, sharing a few laughs with Angie and others. I finally decided it was getting late enough I should start shutdown. I grabbed the laptop and I've been blogging ever since!!! Now it's quarter after two and I'm off to do a few sudoku puzzles and hopefully fall asleep! That French Vanilla cappuccino I picked up on the way home really gave me a boost!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost the Weekend

It's been a quick week, but Friday is definitely welcome!

I actually enjoyed basking in a tiny bit of sunshine today. After work I picked up the boys. It poured rain then was sunny then poured rain then was sunny. Somewhere in there I sat out in a lawnchair while the boys played outside.

Chris came home and cut the grass. I took Carter for a ride to Wal-Mart to pick up something for supper. I bought a couple rising crust pizzas and some round pizza pans since I didn't have any of those. They were on sale for four bucks each. The pizzas were only five bucks each so for under twenty bucks we had two pizzas complete with pans for less than what I would have spent ordering in pizza. Yay me.

Carter's class went on a field trip to a farm today. I wish I knew more in advance it was happening; I'd have loved to go along.

We have a couple items on the agenda for this weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just for Fun

On our way home today (and between rain showers) I took the boys to check out this tugboat by the river. It's been there forever and I recently got the idea to take the boys. I got a few choice pictures. Somehow it's already Tuesday; Monday almost completely escaped me. But Kelly took me for lunch yesterday (thanks again Kelly!)

Today I called the cable company to reduce our cable channels for the summer. Last summer I called to do the same thing and they enrolled me in their ''summer retention program''. At that time they lowered my bill but actually didn't remove any channels! Apparently it was a one-time deal; they've already cut our channels. We'll miss a few like Discovery and TLC and Showtime but hopefully if the weather gets decent enough, we won't even remember we have a TV.

That's about it...I'll leave the rest to the pictures :) Note the crappy dark clouds.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy 12th Anniversary Chris!

Today is our twelfth wedding anniversary. Wow those years have gone by quickly; particularly since we had the boys. This morning I took the boys to church. Since Mom and Dad had evening plans, they wanted to take us out for breakfast after church instead of having us over for supper. I got Chris to drop us off at church so he could pick us up for breakfast.

Church was good and so were the boys. We had a visiting priest today. He's been at a church in our area recently, but was originally from Nigeria, with a fantastic accent. Just as he was about to do his sermon, there was a bit of a commotion. A young woman had fallen in the aisle. Fortunately there were three wonderful nurses nearby that came to her assistance. I grabbed my cell phone to call 911. For being such a small town it didn't seem too easy to get an ambulance on its way. It was pretty quick though; they were there within about seven or eight minutes. Apparently she's had this happen before and she had a family member with her. Scary. When the deacon and priest continued after she was taken by the paramedics, they prayed for her. I sure hope she's okay.

Meanwhile, I had asked Chris to pick us up at about five minutes before mass would ordinarily end, but with the delay we got out almost a half hour later. The one time I get Chris to pick us up...

We went for breakfast with Mom and Dad and the aunts and uncles. Carter had bacon and an egg and toast. Really, he's becoming a good little eater! Cooper had opted for a cinnamon bun and did a really good number on it! Thanks again to Mom and Dad for a great breakfast!

We cruised around for a bit after breakfast then Chris reminded me we had a birthday party to go to. Crap! I got him to drop me off at Wal-Mart and I ran in to get a gift. We went home and I wrapped up the present. There wasn't much time before Carter and I needed to leave. Chris took off with Cooper to run some errands.

I took Carter to the party. He had a good time. It was another bowling party. Here are a couple shots of him bowling.

After the party it was decent enough out for the kids to play outside. Carter is doing better with one training wheel. Once in awhile he forgets and starts to topple over. I decided to take the kids for a bike ride (while I walked). We went to a running track to practice. Carter did a full round without a problem. Cooper would keep stopping then had a hard time getting going again. Both boys hadnt' napped so they didn't have the patience for this excursion. We got back home and I expected them both to nap but they didn't. I talked them into going in for a bit to play with the new barrel-o-slime I picked up after the birthday party. They both took off outside again.

I started to get supper ready. I made a meatloaf and yummy cheesy mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. Cooper had fallen asleep after a meltdown just before I started cooking. He slept through supper. Carter was still up but not in full force. He nibbled on supper then fell asleep not long after we were done. Cooper woke up briefly once or twice. I'm fully expecting him to get up and party when I'm ready to go to bed and it's almost midnight now.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sleepy Sleeperson

I've had a hard time staying up lately. I have projects I want to be working on and I actually start dozing off with the laptop on my lap. Here are the pictures from Family Safety Night the other night. We had a lot of fun and the boys are still talking about it.

Thursday evening Chris barbecued hamburgers. Again I put all the toppings on a plate. Both boys build themselves a burger akin to the size of a Big Mac. I had to get the camera. They then both proceeded to complain that their burgers were falling apart. I guess so, with all those toppings!!!

We barbecued again yesterday. After work we stopped by Chris's work and Carter went home with him. Cooper and I went to fill up the Jeep. We got home and the boys wanted to ride their bikes. The other day I took off one of Carter's training wheels. He was really ticked off but he just needs a little practice to balance. Both boys just expect to stay balanced on the bike when they stop because of the training wheels. Chris had put the training wheel back on but I asked him to take it off again. It's a good way to learn and it worked for me when I was learning!

Carter was mad so I consoled him by taking him to the grocery store with me. I picked up some cheesy sausages and buns for supper. Chris loves to barbecue so far be it from me to keep him from it! (Read: Of course this means I don't have to cook!) I just do the preparation and the side dishes while he cooks the main course. :)

I'm not sure what our plans are for the weekend yet; it does look like the sun is shining but that doesn't always mean it's warm out there!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Well, in this case it's the keyboard. We went to Family Safety Night tonight. I took pictures. They're awesome. I'm about to pass out from sheer exhaustion so I'll have to post them tomorrow... :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Going Green

The weather is trying hard to get nice. Last time I checked it hit ten degrees out there. I've been noticing things are getting a little greener. Chris spread some grass seed on the weekend then we got a ton of rain so we're hoping for good results.

The kids would love to play outside but Mommy would have to freeze her butt off to supervise. So I con the kids into coming in. I'd recently been thinking about bringing out the bouncer again. When we got it last yearish, the kids loved it. It fits perfectly in our dining area. Unfortunately Cooper got ahold of a pen and poked a hole in it. I patched it then took it down and put it away. We haven't had it out since.

Chris actually had been thinking about it too, since he dug it out and inflated it this evening. The kids went crazy over it and did plenty of bouncing. No, I haven't taken pictures yet. After we came home today I was completely spent. I reclined on the couch and dozed intermittently until after seven. I talked on the phone for awhile then started to perk up again.

Today was another fast day at the office. We had a handful of staff away at meetings and it made for a quiet day. The rest of the week will likely be much of the same. I think I might have an early night tonight. If I can muster the energy I might scrap a page or two before I hit the hay. Hopefully I'll have something to post tomorrow.


Today was a pretty quick Monday. When it felt like coffee time this morning, it was lunchtime. I spent part of the morning doing one of my favourite things; the month-end supply order. At lunchtime I grabbed some fries and had a quick bite with Chris. I took Carter to school. On the way back to work I came home to take some chicken out of the freezer for supper.

The afternoon went fairly quickly too. I got a call from Carter's school. I knew right away that I needed to go pick him up. We've made a new arrangement for getting him back to the sitter and our new helper kinda forgot! I picked Carter up and brought him back to my office for the last hour of my day. We went to pick up Cooper and dropped off Carter with Chris and I took Cooper with me to Wal-Mart. Chris wanted me to pick up some new shoes for the boys. I managed to squeeze in a new pair of sandals for myself; mine are sooooooooooo wrecked and I wanted to get some new ones IN CASE WE GET A SUMMER THIS YEAR!!! I also grabbed a pair of sandals for Chris. He has these old, gross sandals that I detest and each year they crawl out of the woodwork (seemingly on their own). I always threaten to chuck them but I think Chris hides them on me. If I get my hands on them I'll make sure there are scissors in my hands. Fortunately Chris likes the new sandals.

I came home and started supper. I marinated some chicken breasts in Italian dressing. Chris barbecued them while I baked potatoes and cooked some peaches'n'cream corn. The boys ate very well; I'm seeing a big improvement in how much they eat, provided there is a suitably seasoned piece of meat for them to eat. Cooper devoured a big pile of corn too. The two of them shared at least one whole chicken breast.

Not long after supper, Cooper was asking to eat some cereal. Since I grocery-shopped the other day, the boys have hit the cereal habit hard. Cooper calls Froot Loops ''Fruit Lips'' and I laugh every time. Carter likes the Vector cereal. So do I but at least three times in a row that I have been to the store I have neglected to pick up any regular milk. I'm not a milk lover to start with, so there's no way I'm putting soy milk on my cereal.

We had a relatively quiet evening, with both boys going to sleep at a decent hour. Then there's me; up after midnight again. I'd better get myself to bed earlier than I did last night. Perhaps I'll forfeit any games of Pathwords and head straight for the Sudoku tonight... :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Waiting for Spring...

It's been a very cool week. Cool as in COLD. All weekend we stayed inside. Booooooooo. On Friday we picked up a bike for Cooper. Chris found a super cute secondhand bike that looks like a dirt bike. We were looking to get him a big kid bike but didn't want to spend a lot. This is perfect...

Love at first sight

Happily ever after

On Friday evening Cindy and I went to a funeral visitation. When I got home I was surprised to find that Chris and the boys had gone inside...but not overly surprised that the new bike came in the house too. Cooper never took his hands off that thing all weekend. He tried to sleep with the bike too. It was adorable. A few times he got me to cover him with a blanket, but of course I had to include the bike. He gave it a name, but I'll have to get him to refresh my memory of what it is!

On Thursday Dad came over and installed our new toilet. It's one of those dual-flush jobbies and will save us plenty on water compared to the old one. The old one is that sort of harvest-gold-canary-yellow colour from way back in the day. I was musing that I'll need to clean this sparkly white one far more often since things will be more noticeable on it. It's always nice to buy something new. (Thanks again, Dad!)

Now to go back earlier in the week...last Sunday was a b-e-a-utiful day. We got our stuff together and had an early start. We took the boys to the park. Not the usual park we go to, but the one at the beach. It's fantastic! They have two humongous play areas including swings. We walked down the beach and down a path along the shore. I took about a hundred pictures (I feel another slideshow coming on...)

I went to a quarter auction at our church in the afternoon. Mom was volunteering at it and I went with my friend Diane. I actually won a prize. I got home in the nick of time to cook supper. I had invited Chris's Dad and Grandpa and they had already arrived before I got home. (Oops!) I made chicken legs and asparagus with hollandaise sauce and rice. Chris's Dad brought a yummy strawberry mango torte. We had a great visit.

Of course it's been so long since I've blogged that I am having a hard time recollecting all the events of the past week. We watched the movie Taken with Liam Neeson. EXCELLENT movie. Plenty of action and some serious vigilantism. It was a bad week for bedwetting. One night I didn't even realize Cooper had crawled into our bed and peed in his sleep. On my duvet and sheets. He had already peed his bed that night before I even went to bed. So yesterday I did a whole pile of laundry to clean all the bedding. I got the bright idea to hang it all on the clothesline since it looked like a beautiful sunny day. It was beautiful, but oh so cold. I still hung out all the duvets and comforters on the line and they were so fresh when I brought them in.

On Tuesday Dad offered to take Carter to school, which gave me the opportunity to join a former coworker and some others for lunch. We had Chris's Dad over for supper that day; this time it was pork tenderloin medallions, rice, French-style green beans and coleslaw. At some early in the week, Cooper cut a chunk of his hair off; right at the front of course. It was just behind his hairline. Not too bad, but definitely noticeable. It was kind of a jagged chunk, and wasn't really fixable. We were kind of letting his hair grow into a shaggy doo. This changed things. It would have been way too short to buzz it down to the shortest pieces he cut, so I took him to the barber for a trim. It's actually a nice haircut and will make growing it back in easier. Hopefully it's a lesson learned; we'll see.

Well, since I'm so sketchy on the rest of the details (no thanks to my addiction to playing Pathwords on Facebook...I never even think about blogging or scrapbooking in the evenings anymore. OY!) I'm going to sign off and show the rest of the details in pictures. :)

Oh this just I blurted all that out I remembered a few more details of this weekend. Yesterday I did a pile of grocery shopping. I was pretty proud of myself for making lists for all the stores from the advertising flyers. When I got home Chris was going to barbecue our hamburgers on the little camping barbecue again, but instead I went to Kelly's house to pick up the barbecue she had available for us to borrow. Ours needed parts and we thought it wouldn't be worth fixing. Plus we didn't want to fork out big bucks for a new one.

Anyway, Chris had trouble with the regulator or something and finally went to get parts for ours. I was thrilled to have our barbecue back and so was he! We had big fantastic sirloin burgers. I made coleslaw and sliced onion, tomato, and pickles, and put it all on a plate with cheese slices and lettuce. Carter built himself a big, tall burger! Oddly my children eat onions. Of all the vegetables out there! And suddenly Carter started eating pickles. He's never been much of a fan. Weird!

I also just remembered that I went to a baby shower today. Had a great time and a great visit with the girls :) Here are the pictures from the park last weekend. Sorry for such a mixed up blog post!