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Monday, March 07, 2011

A Fun-Filled Weekend

I already can't recall Friday; seems too long ago. But I had a great Saturday; a really lazy one with the boys. Late in the afternoon I finally got my rear in gear and covered up the 'grey highlights' in my hair. I bathed and showered and got ready to meet up with the girls for girls' night at Kelly's house.

I picked up Yvette and we dropped off our stuff at Kelly's then she came with me to drop off my Jeep. We walked to Kelly's and that's when the fun began. It was a packed house, with Kelly, me, Yvette, Carmelle, Serena, Dianne, Allison, Melissa, and newcomer Brittni. Instead of playing SingStar like we usually do, we've taken a liking to dance games on the Wii. The past couple girls' nights we've played 'The Michael Jackson Experience' which we love, but this time, Melissa brought 'Just Dance 2'. FUN!

We had a tonne of food, (which for my non-metric friends is about 204 pounds more than a ton!) and had plenty of lovely blue drinks. My favourite of late is called a 'Blue Lagoon'. Here is the recipe:

In a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice...
1 ounce vodka (I used black cherry vodka)
1 ounce blue curaçao
Fill with lemonade.
Shake and pour!

I add cocktail cherries and a pretty-coloured umbrella just to pretend I'm somewhere tropical. Looks like Windex, tastes like Heaven.

It was a fun (and late) night. I walked home sometime around two. Sunday morning I was a little sleepy but felt pretty good. I had a Bingo date with Kelly and Yvette planned for the afternoon. Kelly's birthday is coming up but she'll be away for it, so I brought her little goody bag of birthday stuff to Bingo. We had a blast of course, though the winning left a little to be desired. I was still happy to yell Bingo even though it was twenty-seven dollars in the early bird game.

I got home and was greeted to something delicious-smelling when I walked in. Chris had concocted a pasta dish and made garlic bread. Yummy! I was pretty tired by this time, but we had plans to go to Cindy and Bob's for a surprise birthday party put on by his son Zach. Zach spent about ten hours on Bob's birthday cake, which was a very large pair of boob cakes, complete with nipple piercings. Very funny, and he's gotten very talented with fondant. We had a great visit and we were stuffed from the delicious cake.

Today was a pretty quiet day at the office. Days like today are great for getting paperwork done. It's going to be a busy week this week. Judo, church meetings, medical appointments...

Tomorrow Carter's class is going on their ski trip that was postponed from a few weeks ago. I hope the weather cooperates so he can have a great day. I doubt I'll get my hands on any pictures since I won't be there, but I'll see if I can get some from one of the other parents.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

How Did I Do It?

Am I busier now? The kids are bigger and aside from their already-teenage attitudes, they're easier to care for. Our only extracurricular activity is Judo and it's only twice a week. Why can't I blog every day?

On Tuesday I took both boys to school, but received a call from Carter's teacher just after ten-thirty, saying he wasn't feeling well. I told them I'd be there in twenty minutes. I waited until everyone took coffee breaks, then as I was about to leave, I realized I didn't have a vehicle because I had taken the Jeep in for an oil change. I had already arranged for Carter to hang out with my Dad for the afternoon, so I had to add in the detail of Chris picking up Carter and bringing him to my office for Dad to pick him up. That worked out well. I guess things were starting to work themselves out gastrointestinally for Carter, but not well enough yet. He had a quiet afternoon with his Grandpa.

I took Cooper to Judo while Carter stayed home with his Dad. It's getting really enjoyable watching the kids at Judo because they're really learning the skills. From the counting and names of the moves in Japanese to knowing on command how to do them, it's really neat.

That night Carter was still complaining his tummy hurt, so Chris arranged to stay home with him for the day on Wednesday. I was starting to have some nagging doubt that Carter was really feeling that badly, but I didn't want to doubt him in case something was really wrong. Things started to percolate for him much better by Wednesday, and he returned to his perky little self. I think he was peppering conversations with comments of still having a tummyache but I specifically told him Wednesday was his last day at home.

On Thursdays for the next couple months Carter has meetings/classes at the church for his upcoming First Communion. Unfortunately it coincides with our Judo schedule, but it's a necessary sequence of meetings and he won't miss the Judo wind-up.

In general the workweek flew by. Friday was a good day, including lunching out with an old friend from high school, a coworker and her friend, and a surprise visit from my parents at Masala. The buffet was delicious as usual and I was full enough to not want to eat supper. After work Chris puttered around outside working on his 4-wheeler. Carter and Cooper had both shoveled the driveway in the morning before school (!) so it saved Chris a bunch of work!

Once Chris came in I went to pick up KFC. Carter was desperately professing his starvingness by this time and had put in the request. After they ate we watched movies for awhile before the boys fell asleep. Chris went to work this morning as usual and I took the boys for a donut and got myself another (free) coffee. Also on my agenda for the day is to get rid of these grey highlights...Chris might take the boys to the sno-cross races today. Nice day for it! :)