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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm Such a Winner

Bad blogger. Bad Bad Bad.

Well, Sunday night the news was on after the Oscars and I didn't make it to the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Monday it was good to get back to work and sort out my stuff from missing a day at the office on Friday. Kelly and I went out for a wonderful lunch. Monday night was hi-larious. At BSD (Butternug Squash Designs) we kind of had a reunion at the forum with a whole bunch of us. It was great. I stayed up late chatting it up with the girls and therefore neglecting my poor bloggie.

Yesterday was a gooder too. I went out for lunch with one of my girlfriends. We work in the same building and barely see each other. We keep saying "We should go for lunch one of these days." So we did. It was good to catch up! For supper I made the lunch special I had last week that I mentioned grilled chicken sandwich on garlic toast with Caesar dressing, bacon bits and melted cheese with a Caesar salad. It was pretty good! I chatted with Angie for awhile in the evening after everyone here went to sleep but I was fading fast and went to bed early.

Today ROCKED. It was a Seinfeldian type of day, where just like Jerry, everything evened out for me. I got up early enough to get us all ready and out the door, with time to run for an FVC after I dropped off the boys. I got to work and Tina brought me one too. That was the first bonus of the day.

I had to do month-end today; plenty of reports, deposits, ordering and balancing to do not to mention all the usual distractions of answering the phone every five seconds and duties of the day including immunization clinic and clients coming in to see the SLPs. Donna was going to teach me how to do a new specific task for audiology which she hadn't even done yet since she's off next week, and it turned out the patient it was going to be for cancelled. Sweet. That was the second bonus of the day.

I was just about to leave for lunch and a few of the girls were going out for lunch and asked if I wanted to join them. (Of course). I had to drop off lunch for Chris and the restaurant they chose was within spitting distance of Chris's shop. I arrived at the same time they did, since I got all green lights on my way. We had a nice lunch out. After we got back to the office, a call came through to me from someone that was out of town and was going to miss an appointment. She was on her way back, so I told them to come at a later time where there was an opening. Oops. Turns out there wasn't an opening. I neglected to put the lady through to the girl who does the booking, who had already filled the space. Crap. But as my day was going, the lady that she had booked in called to cancel. Evened out again. Bizarro.

I managed to get all my ordering done. Everything balanced, I prepared and delivered four bank deposits, did the petty cash reconciliation, submitted reports for all the programs I work in, and did a quick inventory of office supplies and submitted the monthly supply order. I prepared and delivered the mail. Donna remembered she owed me money for a purchase I made for her on eBay, so she gave me the money (and I had planned to go to Bingo tonight so that was handy!)

I had called Kelly and she said she couldn't make it to Bingo. That was a bummer, but Mom was feeling pretty good and still wanted to go so I was still on. Yay!!! On my way home with the boys, Kelly called and said she could go. Back on track again.

I came home and prepared supper for the boys and Chris came home. I left and picked up Mom and Kelly and we headed for Bingo. We had many close calls and it was getting a tiny bit discouraging when I won. Woohoo! Even after splitting the pot with Kelly, it was still a sweet victory! And I forgot to play the number 35 (my age) on the game where you get to pick your own numbers. Then in the very next game was when I won...on the number 35. Cool.

It was just that kind of day. Go with the flow. Awesome.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh Crap. A Shiner.

Our day went well at home today. I even got to have a delicious nap - looooooooong nap while both boys slept too.

Late in the afternoon I got the boys ready and we went to Mom & Dad's for supper. I had no idea we got another huge dump of snow since last night. The snowbanks are starting to resemble a "normal" winter's levels now. Cindy was there too with her crew. Mom made a delicious stew with spicy Portuguese sausage (chorizo) and some venison, potatoes, carrots, etc. It rocked.

After supper Dad was getting ready to go light a few fireworks outside. Carter was so excited he went running toward the patio doors and whacked his eye on the corner of the countertop. It broke the skin a little bit and gave him a quick little bruise. Poor guy. I cuddled him - though he was resisting my consoling him. I gave him some Tylenol to ease the pain. We put an icepack on it for a couple minutes and then he was ready for the fireworks show. Hopefully it won't bother him too much tomorrow. What is it with eye issues with these kids this weekend!?

We came home and I watched the Oscars. I missed about the first half hour or so. Surprisingly there weren't too many hideous outfits, and thank goodness Helen Mirren won for best actress in "The Queen". She was quite amazing in that role. I didn't see most of the other movies that were up for Oscars, but it was nice to see Little Miss Sunshine snag a couple. And Jennifer Hudson...she sure didn't need to win American Idol to get where she is tonight!

I'm kind of waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come on before I go to bed so I can see what Ellen has to say. Should be funny.

And...back to work tomorrow. It was nice to have an extra long weekend; but I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to my desk!

Fasten Your Seatbelts

It's going to be a long trip down memory lane all the way back to Thursday!

Thursday morning was a snowy one but the snow removal crews must have been hard at work all night. Chris said the highway was bare but wet. Kelly presented me with my Thursday morning bagel and FVC from Tim Horton's and I apprised her of the roads situation since she had to travel on the highway too.

Mom and Dad arrived home so I went there after work with the boys to see them. I had intended to get there before they did and supply them with new milk and bread and have the furnace lit, but they got back sooner than I expected. We had a little visit and went home. Thursday night I watched most of Earl and ER and even squeezed in some CSI.

Friday was a day off for me. My babysitter needed to take the day off so I did too. Of course that didn't mean I got to sleep in. The boys are obviously adapting to our usual schedule and were up bright and early. (Well, DARK and early since the sun wasn't even up yet!) Cooper's eyes were kind of goopy when he got up; I was concerned he might have an eye infection.

We hung out and read stories and had breakfast and baths. My Dad came over to watch the boys so I could go out for lunch with Mom and Auntie Lurdes and Auntie Josie. The special rocked; it was an open-faced grilled chicken sandwich on garlic bread with Caesar dressing, bacon and melted cheese with a side salad. Yummmmm.

I did a little grocery shopping on the way home so I could make chili for supper before going to Bingo. I did make chili but never ended up eating any since I wasn't hungry yet. I did a run to Tim Horton's for tea and French Vanilla Cappucino for Kelly and me then went to pick her up. Unfortunately Bingo was unfruitful but of course we had fun anyway. I dropped her off and came home.

Saturday morning started out similarly to Friday. Cooper's eyes seemed better in the morning. By lunchtime both boys were napping. I capitalized on this rare occurrence and took a nap too. Sweeeeeeeeet sweet slumber. Chris came home and wanted to go fishing at my parents' house. Once we all got up from our naps Chris got Carter ready and headed out to Mom & Dad's. I packed a bunch of stuff and took Cooper there too. Cindy and family were all there and we hung out and visited.

We all decided to get pizza. We ordered Cheesy Bites pizza and it was goooood. Cooper's eye goop had started coming out green so I decided it was time for a trip to the doctor. After supper I took him to the ER, anticipating a long wait. We saw the screening nurse right away and were taken to a room after. Then came the waiting. Cooper explored his surroundings. We read a book (sort of) and he eventually fell asleep on me. I laid my coat out on the exam table and set him down and sat in a chair beside him.

The doctor came in and took one look at Cooper and determined he has Conjunctivitis (pinkeye). Two hours wasn't a bad waiting time. Way shorter than I expected. He prescribed some ointment for me to apply four times per day for five days. I figured that would be fun to wrestle him down and put the junk in his eyes. We stopped at Shopper's Drug Mart and I picked up the prescription. We headed home and I followed the doctor's instructions for applying the meds to his eyes. First I scrubbed the heck out of my hands, then cleaned his eyes with a warm cloth. I massaged the bridge of his nose (the doctor said this was necessary and very helpful since the duct between the eyes and nose needed to be massaged). Then I put a little glop of stuff in each eye. He was surprisingly very compliant and didn't even try to escape!

Both boys were up a bit late but went to sleep before I was ready to collapse. I tried to stay up to watch MAD TV and SNL but I zonked. I don't even remember which one I was watching before I fell asleep.

This morning I was awakened by Carter. I put his movie on in his room. I hoped to snooze a little more but Cooper got up too. I cuddled Cooper and miraculously he went back to sleep for a little while. He got up and I did the eye gunk thing. It's supposed to start working on day one so we'll see how he's doing a little later today. Chris got up early as usual and went fishing. At least it's not as windy today; hopefully it will be a good day. We're going to Mom & Dad's for supper again, this time for stew.

So we've had our breakfast and I've finally caught up on blogging so we're all ready to face the day now!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Early Weekend!

I'm OFF today!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dashing Through the Snow!

Well we're finally getting a bit more snow. Quite a bit, actually. It snowed pretty much the whole day there are still a few flakes gracefully floating down. Of course tomorrow is Chris's day to go to Ignace; hopefully the highway will be good and clear by then.

Last night I dyed my roots again. Gosh my hair grows quickly when I don't really want it to. But after I rinsed it and had a shower, I fell asleep with Carter watching a movie, and didn't do anything with my hair again.

Chris woke me up when he left for work, and I got up and re-wet my hair, blew it dry and started getting myself ready. Both boys were up early and I gave them breakfast while I got ready. Cooper loves being in the bathroom with me, and as I've mentioned, gets into EVERYTHING. I had my flat iron for my hair up on the counter and he reached up and grabbed it. Yikes. I didn't see any marks on his fingers; I wasn't sure exactly how much he had touched it but by his crying I figured he was hurt or that it scared him terribly.

He settled by the time we left and seemed okay when I dropped him off at the babysitter's house. I went to work and had a typical day. Chris called and was very hungry close to lunch time and I was just figuring I wouldn't bother going out in the snowstorm, but he wanted me to bring lunch. No big deal; I looooooooove driving my Jeep in the snow!

I ran to Subway and grabbed subs and went to my eyebrow wax appointment. I brought lunch to Chris and he actually took the time to stand still for a couple minutes and eat lunch with me. That's rare.

After work I picked up the boys and had another look at Cooper's hand. It seemed okay and didn't seem to be bothering him. We came home and when Chris got home, he shoveled the whole driveway. He's gonna curse the grader when it comes down our street and makes a bank in front of our driveway again. Carter was excited about the new snow and wanted to go outside. Chris gave the okay and I bundled Carter up and sent him out. They played out there for quite awhile. I fed Cooper some cheesy macaroni and made some for Carter when he came back in. Chris had leftover lasagne again from the other day. Upon closer inspection of Cooper's fingers in better lighting, it looks like he got a real grip on the flat iron and there are a couple sort of blistery parts. Poor kid. I mean, I was RIGHT THERE! It still doesn't seem to be bothering him; he still grabs stuff with both hands.

We watched American Idol (again!) - Why does this show have to be on more than one night a week? I seem to be adding it to my "must watch" list these days, along with Desperate Housewives, Earl, and ER. Hmph. It was really good tonight too.

Cooper went to bed fairly late then got up shortly after squirming and crying nonstop.
I wasn't sure what his problem was. I cuddled him, sang to him, walked around cuddling him...gave him some Tylenol...nothing worked. I figured he had a tummyache so I also gave him some gripe water after a bit. Still, he was inconsolable. It was getting late and I was tired, and with his crying and writhing, he was hard to hold onto. So I decided to try giving him a bath, which he usually loves. It was like pure magic. As soon as he saw the water running he started to settle down. He played and splashed for quite awhile before I pulled the plug. I put him in his jammies and within minutes he was sleeping. Heavy sigh.

It's getting pretty late but Chris brought me a FVC so I still have some steam. Six o'clock will be here soon so I'd better haul ass to bed. By the way, I've done no digiscrapping lately...just a couple other little projects I've been working on. Maybe I'll come up with something on the weekend.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pancake Tuesday

Today was Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Tuesday. Supper was a no-brainer; we had pancakes! I love having breakfast for supper.

We got suckered into watching American Idol again...the Canadian Idol auditions are in Winnipeg this weekend. Cool.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Somebody Call the Waaaaambulance

Crikey we were busy again at the office today. We called in the girl that did my mat. leave to give us a hand but she was only available for the morning. But that helped greatly!

I took an early lunch so Donna wouldn't be alone at the most busy time and I went to register Carter for school this fall. Waaaaaaaaa. I finally finalized my decision to send him to the Catholic school. My nephews go there and the only reason I was thinking of putting him elsewhere is at other schools they do all day, every other day, but at the Catholic school they do half days, creating issues with transportation etc. Both my house and my babysitter's houses are too close for bus service, so if I take Carter to school in the a.m. then the problem comes when he's done school at 11:15.

BUT, if he goes to school in the p.m., I can take both boys to the sitter as usual in the morning, and take Carter to school during my lunch break. Then, if all goes well, my babysitter's son can walk Carter home with him and I can pick up both my boys at the sitter after work. Now that would rock. The school is talking about the possibility of the all-day thing too, so that could be worked out with the after school program.

Either way, MY BABY IS GOING TO SCHOOL THIS FALL!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa. So work went well but the days fly by when we're short-staffed. They go quickly enough when we aren't!

I picked up the boys from the sitter and we came home. My sister, sweet angel that she is, brought me an awesome leftover lasagne that she had for supper last night for us for supper tonight. On the way home I picked up garlic bread to go with it. It was awesome.

Carter was very tired and a little cranky this evening. He didn't want to cuddle or talk or anything. He had napped for awhile on the way home. I need to check on him in a second, but last time I checked he was still awake. Thanks to the late nap, I'm sure.

Cooper was being funny. He runs around and tries climbing and goofs around. He's also very mischievous and gets into everything and I have to watch him like a hawk, moreso than I ever had to do with Carter. Cooper goes for electrical outlets, and anything with a cord. Oy. And he's constantly after my keyboard cord and quite often yanks the keyboard off my lap, or tries to wrap the cord around his head. Yikes! Time for a cordless keyboard...except he'll probably take off with the whole thing then!

We watched Heroes (well most of it) and I went on a Photoshop chat with the gals at DigiscrapDivas. Learned a couple new tricks and shared a couple of my own! Cooper got up but I managed to get him to settle after about a half an hour. I think he might have had a tummyache since he was so squirmy so I got him to take some gripe water and after awhile he was back to bed. I'm surprisingly still feeling awake but I'd better get to bed soon so I can get up early again tomorrow!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Need for Speed

Friday was a good day at work. I was a machine! Two of the girls were still away, and Donna and I covered everything. So the day went by quickly!

After Chris came home we packed up our stuff and headed to Mom & Dad's for the weekend. They were away so we went to house-sit and keep the wood furnace going. God we had a lot of luggage to bring. If we ever go on a trip somewhere, we're gonna need a U-Haul.

Yesterday after Chris finished work for the day, he drove on the lake (off the ice road) right into the bay at Mom & Dad's and right up the beach/lawn to the driveway. We hardly have any snow so it was easy. He wanted to go ice fishing so he got his gear together and went out. He just drove his truck back down to the lake and fished from the truck. A couple guys from his work stopped by to visit. After the boys got up from their naps, Chris took Carter out on the lake too. I bundled up Cooper (it was way cold out) and took him down in the sleigh. Carter was pulling on one of the fishing lines (yanking on it) and he got a bite on the line...and Chris helped him reel in a fish!

I had a hankerin' for Wal-Mart, so I walked back up to the house with Cooper. He fell asleep on the way there. I got there, parked THEN realized I forgot my freaking purse. Thirteen minutes wasted. Drove all the way back for my purse and tried again. I found a bunch of mittens and hats really cheap for the boys. I lost one of Carter's mitts recently and he was wearing some thin gloves out on the lake, so I really stocked up. Now if we lose any, it's okay 'cause I have a bunch of spares and they were as low as a buck a pair.

I picked up a few other things and then grabbed supper from McDonald's on the way back. Perfect timing, since Chris and Carter had just gotten in from fishing. Cooper ate about a half a cheeseburger before coming up for air. Wow that kid can really eat sometimes. Carter barely nibbled on his stuff. He picked off and ate the cheese from his cheeseburger.

I took my computer out to Mom & Dad's hoping I could maybe snag a wireless signal from the neighbourhood. No go. But my computer also has a modem so I tried using dial-up. OMG I can NEVER go back to dial-up again. EVER. It was downright painful. I barely touched the computer all weekend! I actually stayed up late enough to watch a little Mad TV and SNL. But I zonked shortly after eleven.

Today Chris did some more fishing and we all came home. We somehow forgot all about the Daytona 500 and I turned the channel in time to see the last three laps. I made chicken salad sandwiches for supper and gave my blog a facelift again and got to watch my "Desperate Housewives". OMG it was gooooooood. I was hoping they'd make Orson to be not the killer they made him seem like. And of course his psycho freaky mother will recover from her stroke and that'll come back and bite him in the ass again. Of course there was much much more that happened. Love it.

I have nothing prepared for going to work tomorrow. I have grey roots that are sneaking up on me but no energy to go dye them. I need to wash bottles and sippy cups and find clothes to wear for all of us. I'm gonna go to bed and just wing it in the morning like I usually do.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We Saw The Queen

So much for not having too much hair maintenance this morning. I was very tired last night and never ended up blow-drying my hair. So I woke up with a really wild rat's nest on top of my head this morning. I had to wet my hair just so I could blow-dry it, then I had to iron it. I managed to get that done along with feeding and readying the boys.

I dropped them off and when I arrived at work my coffee angel had an FVC and a toasted blueberry bagel sitting on my desk waiting for me. Sweeeeet. I had picked up a couple boxes of green tea bags and put one in Kelly's work mailbox.

Work was very busy. Two other program assistants are away on vacation, and usually they cover each other's duties when one of them is away. So with both of them away, I covered a bunch of extra stuff. But it went well, though very quickly! My poor desk is a disaster area. I vow to get through the clutter and clear it tomorrow and try to get back into my new organized ways again!

After work and picking up the boys and Chris coming home, I made supper. I had some walleye fillets in the freezer so I lightly breaded them and pan-fried them in butter. I forgot I was out of potatoes so I made rice. The boys pretty much ate it up and there were no leftovers.

Kelly and I went to the theatre tonight to watch "The Queen". We walked. It's cold out. I don't get how the wind was in my face both on the way there and on the way back. But it was very crisp and refreshing! I look forward to getting out walking more, preferably once the weather gets better.

We both enjoyed the movie and the walk home. I'm contemplating staying up to watch "ER" in the second showing but it doesn't start until midnight. I don't think I'm going to make it. Especially after all that very fresh air.

When I came home, I sneaked into Carter's room and kissed his forehead. I whispered "I love you" and even in his deep sleep, his little head turned and in a tiny voice he whispered "I love you too". That rocks. I wanted to scoop him up in my arms and give him a good squish. Cooper is sleeping too but he's really roaming around his bed. As much as I'd love a cuddle, I don't dare go near him for fear of waking him and having him up all night. I'm so thankful both boys have been sleeping through the night since I've been back at work. The routine is starting to settle in and I'm loving it. But I'm so tired that I have to go to bed earlier...not as much late-night scrapping going on; I have to squeeze as much in as I can after the boys go to bed and before I get too tired!

Tomorrow is Friday...yay!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Last night I stayed up so I could do a last minute Valentine. I wanted to have it ready for the babysitter. I printed four and cut out heart-shaped magnets to stick on the backs of them.

So this morning I got up and started getting ready. Carter was up early but Cooper slept until about seven. I got us all ready and on the way to the babysitter, I figured I'd do a quick stop by Kelly's house and put a Valentine in her mailbox. Not even an intentional "drive-by" like usual, but she whipped open the door. That surprised me enough, but then she thrust at me a handful of toasty warm heart-shaped pancakes. She said, "This is all I've got - here!" I laughed my butt off all the way to the Jeep and presented the pancakes to Carter. He snacked on one on the way to Alana's house, and I put the remainder in the cooler bag with the bottles and drinks. I giggled about it throughout the day.

Kelly and I were going to go for lunch but she got called in to work. I stopped by Chris's work and brought him his Valentine. I felt pretty good all day - painwise I felt better and my sinuses were clear today. Just a couple sneezes so maybe I don't have a cold after all.

After work I picked up the boys and we came home. Chris came home and I wanted to make spaghetti for supper. Well I didn't have any packages of ground beef, but what I did have was the extra meatloaf I prepared and froze the other day. I had it all seasoned and prepared, so I just put it in a pot on the stove and unloafed it. The meat was well-seasoned and made a great spaghetti sauce with some tomato sauce and diced tomatoes.

There's not much on besides American Idol on tonight. I was going to try not to watch it this season, but they've sucked me in again! So off I go to watch and squeeze in a shower tonight so I don't have to do too much hair maintenance in the morning.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dow Ibe All Stuffed Ub

I took one more round of Robaxacet this morning and felt progressively better all day. But now my sinuses are all wonky and it sounds like I have a cold. Weird thing is, I don't really feel like I have a cold. I can even breathe through both nostrils but I sound all stuffy. Mind you, I did do a fair bit of sneezing today, so this is likely the beginning of a lovely cold.

Kelly and I went for lunch at Tim Horton's today. That rocked. And we had another birthday cake at coffee break this afternoon. Woohoo! And there are about three office birthdays in March. This is awesome. Today's cake was a delicious cranberry cake with this warm buttery glaze that was poured over top. Soooooooooo good.

My darling coworker Kathy brought me this amazing chicken lasagne this morning for us to have for supper. Since it's still so dang cold out and it was frozen already, we just took it from her vehicle and put it in mine for the day.

I picked up the boys from the sitter. Carter was bitten on the hand by one of the little girls there. I was hoping it would give him some perspective on how it feels to be hurt by someone else, and make him understand that it's not nice to hurt or hit or kick or push other kids, namely his baby brother. But we had to talk to him 27834659283756 times this evening alone for wailing on Cooper. Really. Wailing on him. Punching him repeatedly on the back/top of the head for one. God I pray they end up being buddies someday, 'cause I don't want to always be a referee. Welcome to the world of boys?

So the lasagne was fabulous - I'm going to try making it myself sometime. This evening we read "Hop on Pop" a zillion times amid scolding Carter for whacking his brother. Both boys went to sleep within the past hour or so and I'm about ready to crash myself. I watched most of Veronica Mars and now I think I'm going to hit the pillow.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Meds Rock.

Oh the wonder of drugs. One of the girls at work gave me a Robaxacet this morning. It dulled the pain a bit and increased the range of motion in my neck and shoulder a little. It made it bearable to move around and work all day without too much trouble. One thing I avoided was holding the phone with my chin and neck. I had to hold it with my hand since it hurt to bend that way. Of course I do that all the time; maybe that's part of my problem in the first place!

Kelly and I went for lunch and on the way back to work I bought myself a box of Robaxacet. I took two and started to feel much more relief. I'm still a bit stiff but the pain is very minimal. I'll take a couple more before bed and hopefully by morning it will start to work itself out. I feel like the little wooden dudes in the commercials where they take the pins out and they're able to move or dance about. Much better. My sinuses have been acting a bit wonky today - not sure if it's from the meds or if I have a bit of a cold.

Chris did a bit of grocery shopping for me on his way home. I told him I needed ground beef and that I would go get milk and stuff later. He got the ground beef, bread, soy and regular milk. Sweet. I didn't have to go out this evening. So we had meatloaf and potatoes for supper. Boooooooring. But the boys ate it up. I made some vanilla pudding for dessert which was a big hit. Cooper just went to sleep a little while ago. Carter is surfing the net playing games but I think his moments are numbered before he passes out too.

His favourite thing lately is for me to read "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss. He started memorizing it after just a few rounds. Cool. I can't wait 'til he can read it. I hope he learns early like I did when I was little.

Last night I didn't sleep great. I used the shiatsu massager a couple more times and it relaxed the muscles enough to get comfortable but it was still hard to sleep. I'm sure tonight will be much better. I hope everyone else sleeps through the night so I can try to too. I didn't do anymore scrapbooking last night. I really need to take some new pictures of the boys. I borrowed a couple old photo albums from Cindy the other day so I'll try to get some scanning done this weekend so I have some new (old) material.

Edited to add:
I joined a chat at Digiscrapdivas tonight 'cause Lori G. mentioned it on her blog. It was fun, especially comparing notes on the weather; mine was the coldest! Some of them have never heard of a block heater. I always get a kick out of that! Here is the layout I did for the challenge. You can click on the image to enlarge it and see the credits. Now I'm off to bed.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Whee! Lookie Meeeeeee!

Okay, so I couldn't get to sleep. Everyone else is down for the night (hopefully) but I got up again. I was just about to cash in my chips for the last time when I got an email about one of the layouts I did for the Amazing Digiscrapping Race. I went to see what the comment was and at the bottom it told me that I'm one of the five Race layouts on the homepage at NDISB! My "Hey Little Me" layout is on there. Woohoo! Very exciting.

Here is the link to the homepage, and here is the link to the layout I did in the gallery there. It will be on the homepage for the week.

My shoulder feels a little bit better...I tried using the shiatsu massager on it. If it weren't so noisy, I'd likely have fallen asleep as it kneaded my shoulder. Gonna try to go to sleep again...


I have a sore shoulder. And it's not something a ten-second massage from my husband could fix. Tylenol can't touch it and it hurts to turn my head or move my arm a certain way. Hope it feels better tomorrow.

On a happier note, Desperate Housewives was AWESOME. I just finished watching it. Cooper went to sleep right at the beginning and I think Carter knows enough to keep it down to a dull roar when Mommy's favourite show is on. heehee.

Yesterday we went to Cindy's for a fabulous turkey dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, mashed turnips, asparagus & hollandaise sauce, and homemade creampuffs for dessert. OMG they were goooooooooood. It was all good. Mom and Dad went too. We had a good visit.

We came home and I was in bed by nine-thirty. I hate that I've been requiring so much sleep lately. I can't even stay up late on a weekend!

Almost needless to say, I didn't go to church this morning. Chris went to help my Dad fix his cigarette lighter hookup for his new Sirius radio. Cooper went down for a nap around eleven and I was already ready to sleep again. Crikey. When Chris came home I did take a nap for awhile.

Chris went icefishing this afternoon. It's still deadly cold here but he was in an ice-shack with a propane heater so it wasn't too bad except his feet got a bit cold. He brought home a little fishy. I mean little. But Carter was THRILLLLLLLLLED. He's still asking to see his fish. Cute.

We had Angie's creamy chicken enchiladas for supper. Yum as per usual. And that brings me back to just having watched my favourite show. I might stay up for awhile but not for long. I did this scrapbook page of Carter and had fun with it. You can click on the image to enlarge it and see the credits.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Did **NOT** Order a Wake-up Call

Yesterday was a good Friday at work. I was quite busy and instead of leaving my desk all tidy as a present to myself on Monday morning, I left it in a haphazard disarray. Oh well. It will still be there Monday!

I picked up the boys and we came home. Dad called to invite us for supper since he had totally cooked a meal in their new crockpot. Chris met us there. Dad made a deer roast with potatoes, carrots and onions. It was delish!

We watched "Ghost Whisperer" and "Las Vegas" then we brought the boys home. Both of them had fallen asleep there, and when we came home they stayed asleep. I was very tired and crawled in the tent with Carter. I woke up at some time in the middle of the night and went to my own bed.

Chris got up at his usual time and was about to leave for work when Cooper woke up. I was going to wait it out to see if he'd go back to sleep, but Carter got up too. Saturday...a day I don't have to get up and get three people ready, and I get a six o'clock wake-up call. Not fair.

We had a pretty fun morning despite my tiredness, until Carter managed to find a pen and poke a hole in the air mattress in the tent. I was sooooooooo mad but I couldn't be mad at him because he shouldn't have been able to find a pen. I found a little plastic patch to try to hold in the air, but it's on the sort of felt surface of the mattress and I'm doubting that will hold it. I need something bigger to fix it.

Cooper went down for a nap around ten thirty but Carter is pretty hit-and-miss with napping these days. And after the pen-mattress fiasco I didn't dare doze off. He might find a knife somewhere and give me a splenectomy while I sleep or something.

Now Chris is home from work and if I'm lucky he'll let me go take a nap. Wish me luck. I doubt that's going to happen.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I finished a layout for Christy's new "Dreams of Spring" kit. Here it is. You can click on the image to enlarge it and see the credits.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quality Family Time

This morning made for an easier getaway with the boys again. Whew. And my hormones are starting to settle.

At lunchtime I went to see Chris to see if he wanted me to bring him lunch. He had already had lunch, so I sat and visited with him for a bit. I went back to work and had a good afternoon.

It was about ten degrees less cold (can't really say warmer!) than usual today, but the wind made it just as cold as usual.

After Chris came home and showered, I did a run to KFC for a few twisters and some fries'n'gravy for supper. Haven't had KFC in awhile, and no wonder. I bought four twisters, an order of 15 chicken fries, a medium fries and gravy and there went thirty-five bucks. Whoa.

On his way home, Chris stopped at the video store to get a couple movies. He's been dying to watch "Saw III". I haven't. He also got "Open Season", a cute animated movie with animals. We put it on right after supper and Carter fell asleep very shortly after. He seemed to be enjoying it before he zonked out.

Dad stopped in for a visit and watched the rest of the movie with us. Cooper fell asleep near the end of it. After Dad left, Chris put on "Saw III". I saw part one and thought it was gruesome, yet very cleverly written. Chris saw part two but I didn't. And here we are with part three. Very icky-poo.

I'm trying to blog and then do some scrapbooking, but the movie is getting my attention especially when something grody happens. We'll see what I get accomplished.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Windchill Factor Can Buzz Off

It's still super cold here. I can't really complain since I work indoors and at home my vehicle gets to be in the garage. But it does suck to get the kids so bundled just to go a few blocks in the morning!

It's supposed to change by the weekend. I mean, it's expected the weather will be like this in January and/or February around here, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it! At least it doesn't snow when it's this cold. And we have to be thankful we don't get earthquakes or tornadoes around here (well, not overly big nasty ones, anyway).

Work went well. Ol' Aunt Flo swung by the other day and she really knocked me down today. I am soooooo tired. And pretty bitchy too. I think I'll head for bed a bit earlier tonight so I can fight my hormonal urges to scream and yell with at least a bit more energy. Or at least scream and yell with a bit more energy. Ha.

Chris had to go work in the absolute boonies today. In the nasty nasty cold. Again, I'm thankful to work indoors and feel badly for him because he doesn't always get to. He just got home at about nine o'clock this evening. Poor guy.

Carter didn't nap today so he was particularly grouchy and whiny this evening. He went to sleep before, though not long before Cooper did. Now they're both out and while this used to be my time to "party" and have some time to myself, I'm just jonesing for my pillow.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Good Supply of Breasts

If you know me at all, you know I'm not talking about what's in my bra.

It's still sub-arctic around here. I somehow got up and ready and fed the boys and dressed them and myself early today. There was time for a Tim Horton's run. I got myself my FVC and one for the babysitter and Carter too. I also made it to work in time to get a parking space with a plug-in. It's nice to be nice to my vehicle. I've never had any trouble starting it, but I figure it's gotta be easier on all that machinery to not have to get all that cold metal moving!

Work was good. It was a coworker's last day today; her maternity leave has begun, and her due date is fast approaching! Just two weeks from today. The majority of the staff went out for a luncheon in her honour at the Chinese restaurant. I got a ride from one of the other gals, and didn't have to go out and start the Jeep; she has command start. I used to have that, but having a vehicle with remote door locks was a good replacement. Plus the Jeep uses more gas than my previous little car, so idling is more expensive now; I can live without the command start! The Jeep also warms up wayyyyyyyy faster than my little Sunfire did, so that rocks.

Anyhoo, lunch was great and work was good for the rest of the day. Though I was pretty full from lunch and could have used a nap by two o'clock. Yesterday was another coworker's birthday, and since she was in the office today, someone brought a cake. Gotta love those cake parties. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine got sick of all the office celebrations and renounced herself from all the cake parties. But not me, I'll take cake any day, any way!

After work, I brought the boys home and Carter told me he wanted pancakes for supper. That's like pushing the "EASY" button. Chris came home and showered etc. He baked up a couple pairs of waffles for the boys and I blasted off to Wal-Mart for some much-needed items. Diapers - two bags since the sitter ran out and we were about to. We needed some food around here, and we were on our last roll of toilet paper. I managed to keep it under a hundred bucks, but barely.

Then I remembered that the grocery store had chicken breasts on sale for four bucks a pound. I went and bought three multi-packs, as well as some pork tenderloin and apples. Carter is crazy about apples.

I came home and brought in all the loot, then separated all the chicken breasts into snack-size freezer bags. I have 20 of them now; that should last a couple weeks at least!

I spent most of the evening reading online, and now my eyeballs are absolutely fried. Christy has a new kit coming out tomorrow called "Dreams of Spring". How appropriate for my climate is this!? Tomorrow I'll post a layout using the new kit. Now I gotta get these dried up eyeballs to bed.

Monday, February 05, 2007

What Does a Kee-Kee Bird Say?

Kee-kee-kee-kee-ripes it's cold! I think that might have been an old joke my Dad used to tell...I'm not sure if there's anymore to it, but basically, it's just bloody freaking cold here and that's the point I'm trying to make.

Dang it's a wicked cold one out there today. I think it did actually warm up to about minus twenty-five around supper time. Woohoo!

Today I picked up this power meter thingie to hook up to our electrical meter. It basically shows how much per hour we're spending on electricity. You should have seen that sucker fly when I had both the oven and the microwave on! Yikes! Makes me want to go around the house and unplug everything! Funny how each time we turned something on or off we ran to look at our little meter to see if the number of cents per hour went up or down. It also shows the outside temperature aside from freaking us about our next hydro bill.

Work went well; I seem to be settling into the routine pretty well. And I'm still trying to handle projects only once or at least prioritize things before I dive in, instead of starting a new project each time one lands in my inbox. I'm loving it.

For supper we had the bacon-wrapped turkey breasts I picked up on the weekend, and baked potatoes in the microwave. A pretty boring supper but the boys at least ate a little. We watched the movie "Stick It". I liked it because I've always been a wannabe gymnast. Now there's a sport I really enjoy watching. It's just one of those sports that I cannot stand the commentators in. (Figure skating too.) Such critical nitpicky nasties. Anyhoo, it was pretty good.

I did a couple fun little projects this evening, but no scrapping. I seem to be in a digiscrapping slump now that the Amazing Digiscrapping Race is over. I'll have to go hunting around for another new challenge to motivate me. Carter just zonked beside me on the CHESTERFIELD a little while ago so I'm going to scoop him up and chuck him in the tent and head for bed myself.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Definitely Worth Going Out in the Cold For

It's been a deep-freeze around here lately, and it's not showing any improvement in the forecast until at least next weekend. The past couple days the temperature has been at least minus thirty degrees Celsius. And with the windchill it's been as cold as minus forty-six. Yes, I'm bloody serious.

But nothing could have kept me from venturing out yesterday to go to my facial appointment. That should be a regular occurrence. How sweet it is to be draped in cozy blankets in a warm room with soothing nature sounds and zillions of lotions and massages. Loved it.

I came home and my psycho husband went fishing with some guys from work. Yes. Fishing. Ice fishing of course. In minus forty weather my husband goes fishing. What a nutjob. I mean, they went to someone's ice shack, with a woodstove in it, but still he was mighty cold when he came home. And they didn't catch a single fish. Even the fish are smart enough not to come out of the water!

Last night we just hung out for the evening. Chris came home around seven. I haven't done any scrapping since the last Race layout I did. I really need to take more pictures of the boys. I've been really slacking off this year with the camera.

This morning, (don't even ask me if I went to church) the boys slept in until after eight. I emptied and filled the dishwasher. Mom called just before lunch to invite us to visit. Cindy and family were going to visit too. So I got all our butts in gear and we went to Mom & Dad's house. Mom was making lunch for Dad, and ended up making us all salmon salad sandwiches. Awesome. We all had a good visit.

On our way home, we stopped at M&M to get some chicken wings. We'd been talking about chicken wings for supper when we were at Mom & Dad's and as we arrived at the store, Cindy and family were just pulling out. I picked up some buffalo wings (my favourite) and some seasoned curly-fries and some turkey breasts wrapped in bacon.

The boys were sound asleep when we got home. I carried in Cooper and Chris carried in Carter. Both of them stayed asleep, and after about a half an hour, I crawled in the tent for a nap too. The boys were still asleep when I got up at SIX O'CLOCK! I made sure I woke them up so they wouldn't be up all night. Ummm. It's almost ten and they're still up. Oops.

Anyway, I cooked up the whole package of wings and some curly fries and cooked up some veggies. Turns out Chris HATED the buffalo wings. Carter didn't like them either. I think Cooper might have had a couple bites. The boys all ate their fries and a couple veggies and I pigged out on the wings.

After supper I set the timer on the microwave to remind me to change the channel to watch Desperate Housewives at eight. Damn good TV on because of it! Sorry football fans - it's not my game. Hockey playoffs, maybe. A good NASCAR race, sure. But football - nope. So I turned the TV to the treehouse channel and watched shows with the kids. Well, they were too busy to watch TV, running around all over, wrestling, etc.

Cooper's latest trick is to try climbing up on the couch. Yikes. He's going to accomplish that on his own very soon. And he's working on tooth #6 - it should be here any day.

Well, now it looks like the boys might be headed for sleep. I'm going to try to finish a layout I've been working on. And it's back to work for me tomorrow.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I Was in the Paper Today!

I can't think of a single reason I haven't blogged since Tuesday. Some anonymous commenter advised me that I should update, so here goes. I stayed up 'til one-ish two nights in a row. I worked on a couple layouts for the Amazing Digiscrapping Race. Here they are; the second layout is the last for the race; the finish line. Hopefully Vicky and I will win the Grand Prize draw!

Work went well the rest of the week. Kelly's hubby is in town from working far away, so we didn't go to Bingo this week. See? I'm not that bad of a junkie; I'd have gone without her if I really wanted to. haha.

This morning I had an appointment at the doctor. It was time for my bi-annual check-up of my girl-parts. Doc says everything looks healthy and is all still in the right place. Yay me! Of course it was sooooo cold this morning and the paper shirt and paper blanket did NOT suffice.

Cooper still has his cough, but not nearly as bad as it was. It's been such a pleasure having both my kids sleep through the night over the past while. This morning Cooper didn't get up until the very minute I HAD to get him dressed and out the door. Poor kid is really cutting a lot of teeth lately. He's up to five and there's another top tooth making its way through. So he has four front teeth (two top and two bottom) and one next to the front teeth on the top. He's looking different already now that the teeth are all more visible. Almost time to take him in for another fluoride varnish to protect those little chiclets!

Well, it's just about midnight and I don't know if I can manage to stay up and scrap anything, so I might just head for bed. I told Carter I would go camping with him, and since my favourite pillow is already in there, I'm heading for tentville. Tomorrow I have the pleasure of going for a facial. I have a gift certificate and I booked this appointment in November. I can't wait to be treated to all that pampering!